Sample Training Schedule For Employees

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When you need to develop a training strategy, a calendar and to-do list may not be enough; They lack the structure necessary for a successful training program. But at the same time, specialized software can be very complex, time-consuming and expensive.

Sample Training Schedule For Employees

Sample Training Schedule For Employees

There are times like these when a simple Microsoft Excel template can be a great tool. When creating a training schedule, Excel, along with a spreadsheet, is the perfect pair to provide you with that tool.

Company Training Plan Excel Template

With our training schedule template, you can plan training programs for one to five days and have flexible start and end times with built-in intervals.

Businesses have training programs for their new hires to learn their jobs and safety protocols at their facilities. But equally important are the training programs offered for the development of existing employees.

Other types of programs such as management, career development, and quality assurance are also popular training programs. These lead to new jobs, skill development and continuing education.

Having a structured training program is essential for any of these. This framework includes a statement of one’s goals, strategies for achieving them, and actual measurable results. To provide much of that structure, organizations use training schedules that outline activities.

Create An Effective Training And Development Program In 2022

A training schedule is a plan you put together to train others using a calendar of activities. It clearly tells trainees what to expect and how to plan and prepare. Additionally, you can schedule the same activities at different times during the training schedule so that trainees can attend events that fit their work schedules.

For example, you might run an activity to train on a new inventory system at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. It accommodates employees working morning or afternoon shifts.

Although the training program should be consistent with the type of training program, there are many ways to create an effective team-wide program.

Sample Training Schedule For Employees

Whether you need an employee training schedule template, a workshop template with weekly recurring schedules, or a multipurpose training plan template, this training schedule template from a spreadsheet page does the trick.

How To Create Powerful Development Plans For Your Employees In 8 Easy Steps

When you open our training schedule template, you will see three tabs for three schedule views. Each includes short morning and afternoon breaks with a lunch break.

The first tab shows a schedule in portrait view with a schedule from 9 AM to 7:45 PM. The second is the 9 am to 5 pm time table in the landscape view. For a one- or two-day program, choose a time that suits your schedule.

The third tab is a schedule for longer training sessions; It lasts for five days and is scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm.

You should use the 1 – 5 days tab, but if the program has less than five days, you can easily remove the extra days by deleting or hiding the unnecessary columns.

Best Training Manual Templates (+examples)

It’s best to delete or hide the columns from the right side of the template, leaving the rest intact for the days you use them.

Go to each day of your schedule and replace the day name, date, and location with your schedule information. If you want to use specific names for your sessions, you can put them in the cells for Session 1, Session 2, and so on.

Enter activities for your training program on designated days and times. Each training program is divided into 30-minute increments. This is great if you have multiple activities on your schedule.

Sample Training Schedule For Employees

If you have activities that last an hour instead of 30 minutes, there are different ways to make them look good in a training plan template.

Free Employee Schedule Templates & Instructions

Another way is to combine two 30-minute cells to create a longer cell.

If you want to change the time for break and lunch in the template, you need to move them.

Click the cell containing the break or lunch and drag it to a new location in the table. Make sure the cell you go to is empty so you don’t overwrite a function.

You can easily try using a blank calendar or to-do list for your training plan. But with our training plan template, you have days, time periods, breaks and lunches all configured and waiting for your input. And best of all, it is very easy to use. A training plan holds you accountable for your actions by providing documentation to monitor and track progress toward a goal. To save you time, we have provided the best free and downloadable training plan templates for business use.

Training Checklist Templates

You’ll also find details on what a training plan is, the benefits of using one, and tips on writing one.

In this section, training plan templates are available in Microsoft Excel and Word formats as well as PDF. Download all the templates below for free and customize them to meet your organization needs.

A team or department manager can use this template to document the progress of all their employees at once. You’ll find multiple dashboards to track knowledge areas, assess skill outcomes, and list training and formal meetings (who attended or completed required tasks). This template helps you track hard and soft skills so you can get a composite picture of each employee’s progress.

Sample Training Schedule For Employees

This template provides a simple schedule to help you plan your training over the course of a month. List the details like department, training contact, title and location and fill the pre-prepared schedule with training dates and times. Use the columns provided to mark key points to track your progress. Use this template as an advanced monthly planning tool to organize your training sessions and make sure you reach your goals.

Equipment Training Form

This simple training plan template is designed to track a team or department’s progress on training activities over a one-week period. Schedule training sessions using a weekly calendar, listing the employee, activity and desired outcome, or indicating whether or not the employee completed the training task. Finally, leave comments on each employee’s performance and sign off for approval at the end of the week. This template is especially important for a manager or leader who needs to oversee the development of multiple team members in a short period of time.

Use this template to plan and track daily training tasks for a team member. At the top of the template, list employee and training contact information, department, and desired goals or outcomes. In the chart below, list the time, task, and duration of the training, and sign each line when the employee completes an activity. Create a separate daily training plan for each team member to track their progress individually.

This detailed annual training plan template is available as Word and PDF files. Create a narrative-style training plan with separate sections for background information, critical requirements, goals, performance measures, estimated budget, timeline of milestones, and reviews. This template is ideal for teams that need to properly document their training efforts. For those who need a quick visual summary of progress, check out this article for simple annual calendar templates.

Use this Excel template to create a training plan for an individual employee. List employee information including ID number, position, department and reviewer credentials, then create an activity list for the first week and 30, 60 and 90 days. The template has columns that help you measure progress and hold employees accountable—whether the activity is active or pending, the contact point, status, and observations for each development area.

Free Agendas & Schedules Templates & Examples

This template is designed as an onboarding plan that you can use to ensure that new hires complete all the necessary training, documentation, and activities as they adapt to their new role. The template includes sections for activities completed by management, HR, IT, and peers, and lists example activities a new hire should perform. Track new hire orientation and onboarding from day one to year with this easy-to-use template.

Sometimes, training can happen on the job. One way to make sure you stay on track, on time, on budget, and within resources is to create a project plan that outlines the tasks, activities, and milestones you need to complete on the way to the goals or your results. Download this project plan template in Excel to list all tasks, assign team members and due dates, and mark progress with a built-in Gantt chart until project completion.

A cloud-based platform that helps HR teams manage everything from job applicant tracking to new hires and employee performance reviews. See it in action.

Sample Training Schedule For Employees

A document that describes the strategy and specific steps required to achieve a goal or objective. You can create a training plan for any endeavor, whether it’s a business or creative project, team development, employee training or new hires.

Employee Training Checklist In Excel

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