Free Work Schedule For Employees

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Free Work Schedule For Employees – In companies with shift work, the work schedule is one of the most important tools for effective personnel management. And it serves two purposes: it informs employees about working hours and helps the employer organize routine tasks, such as documenting weekly hours and wages.

But professional scheduling software is expensive. And creating a weekly or monthly plan in Excel alone can take a lot of time and effort. Instead, why not use our free Excel spreadsheet template that is ready to use in just a few steps.

Free Work Schedule For Employees

Free Work Schedule For Employees

Work schedules must meet content, design and legal requirements to ensure that each employee is in the right place at the right time.

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First of all, the work schedule must contain all the important information related to your employees: At a glance, it must be clear which calendar week it refers to and which colleagues are registered which transfer. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the main points. This reduces the risk of schedule misunderstandings, which can lead to staff shortages.

As an employer and scheduler, you can quickly see how often employees are assigned shifts, see their estimated weekly hours and their hourly wages. Excel spreadsheets are particularly suitable for this purpose, as they offer the ability to calculate from quantitative data such as weekly hours and wages.

Less information usually means better explanation. But empty rows and columns, as well as different fonts and colors, help structure. With the help of these and other design-related tools, your shift schedule should be self-explanatory for users. You can also add a story where you describe the meaning of a specific color coding, for example.

Work schedules must meet certain legal requirements: Changes in overtime policies, minimum wages, vacation requirements, and scheduling regulations can affect the bottom line. Compliance with all federal, state and local employment laws is also difficult to manage. it is best to contact the US Department of Labor for more information. Two areas of 2019 employment laws that will affect workers include, for example, predictable scheduling and an increase in the minimum wage.

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The following Excel template can be used as a work schedule for an individual employee or as a weekly schedule for the entire workforce. You can find all the instructions in the Getting Started Guide on how to create a monthly work schedule.

The downloadable Excel template fulfills all the requirements of a professional work schedule: It is limited to the most important information and is clearly and attractively designed.

However, if you do not like the aesthetic of the work table, then you can easily adapt it – for example, by changing the width of the column. Use the “fill color” button in the “start” menu to clearly distinguish layers and tables from each other. Different fonts and font sizes can also add to this. On the right side of the template, a lot of white space is offered: for example, for additional notes or to lighten the worksheet with additional columns.

Free Work Schedule For Employees

Of course, it is up to you to customize the layout of the worksheet template. We recommend keeping the column split as is. Only in that case, the calculation module can correctly calculate the shift, weekly hours and wages. If you need to change, you should familiarize yourself with the COUNTIF function or the “if then” function in Excel. Or you can follow the steps below.

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As you can see, some sample names are already entered in the worksheet template. Click on the name of the weekly chart and you will see a small arrow next to each cell. Click on it, open the drop-down menu and select shift workers. This way, you don’t have to manually type the names of the workers for the transfer every time.

Each drop-down menu is linked to a staff list at the bottom of the template. If you change the names in the list, the names in the drop-down menu will adjust accordingly. This way you can change the names of the sample employees to those in your company. If you need more workers than the number entered (7), you need to adjust the drop-down menu. To do this, do the following:

You have now created a new drop-down menu that links to your employee list, making the allocation transfer process much easier. Now you need to customize the calculation module under the Excel template. We will tell you how it works in the following steps.

Of course, you don’t need to include a drop-down list. You can also omit it and instead manually enter the names of your employees in the provided layers. The functionality of the calculation module remains unchanged.

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The Excel template margin color calculation module simplifies the shift schedule for you by automatically calculating the number of entries, the weekly hours and the total income of your employees. For example, if you want to assign your employee Anne-Marie to a shift, then it will be automatically assigned and her weekly hours will be automatically calculated (for example, 4 records of 8 hours each will be a 32 hour week in parallel) . Depending on the gross hourly wages you enter for Anne-Marie, Excel will calculate Anne-Marie’s gross earnings in the last column.

If you have added additional names to your employee list, you must complete the appropriate calculation formula. You can use this example as a guide:

Your timesheet template is now customized and can be reused for employee management plans.

Free Work Schedule For Employees

The practical thing about your spreadsheet Excel template is that it can be used over and over again, instead of creating a new spreadsheet from scratch each time. Each week you can save a new .xlsx file. This is even more practical if you create new worksheets in an Excel spreadsheet and paste the worksheet template directly into it. This way, you will have a clear overview and can combine several weekly plans into one monthly plan.

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It doesn’t take much effort to paste your spreadsheet template into a new sheet, but surprisingly it doesn’t work the way Microsoft suggests. Problem: Although the content and formatting are the same, the column widths are not the same. However, the result is distorted because Excel uses default values.

Next, you need to enter the current calendar week in cell C3 (including the relevant details) so that your employees can immediately see which planning period the work schedule refers to.

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Using the free timesheet template is very simple: Mark the early, middle, evening and night shifts using the “color fill” tool to mark them as different blocks and write the names of the employees who are on duty individually (!). transfer The calculation module automatically calculates the items and calculates the corresponding weekly hours and gross income.

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If you have created a drop-down menu, you can copy and paste it in the right places and select the appropriate employee for each assigned shift.

Remember that a work schedule acts as a binding contract when it is posted on a notice board or sent to a team. The schedule must be posted 7 to 14 days before the planned move. Additional wages will be paid to employees if the employer changes the schedule after it has been posted.

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Free Work Schedule For Employees

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In the past, a time stamp clock was used, but now we have switched to electronic time recording. While some large companies have specialized reporting systems, smaller companies primarily use digital software solutions. This is not absolutely necessary, because recording time using Excel works in the same way and is completely free. A user schedule is something that is used to make a good time management of employees. If you have more than one employee who needs this schedule. In the staff table you can see their total number

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