Free Editable Lesson Plan Template

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Free Editable Lesson Plan Template – A curriculum varies from class to class. This is a basic outline of your curriculum and class schedule. With a lesson plan, you can monitor the progress of the class and the topics you need to cover.

Now, every teacher approaches the curriculum in a way that is convenient for them. The curriculum, approved by the institution, only makes your job easier. It helps you follow the syllabus more comprehensively.

Free Editable Lesson Plan Template

Free Editable Lesson Plan Template

Aspiring teachers often switch between different curricula throughout their careers. For those just starting out, a template can be a bit confusing. This is where a ready-made curriculum template comes into play.

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There are seven standard timetable layouts you can choose from. Each of these templates corresponds to different categories and time frames. Check them out below.

Universal lesson plan templates are, as the name suggests, very general. You can apply this template to any class, curriculum, or institution. The structure is quite standard and traditionally suitable for all subjects.

The first part, Lesson Objectives, sets out the aims of the semester. It gives you a clear picture of what needs to be done in the entire lesson plan. The activity planner then selects the course you can follow to achieve these goals.

Next comes the learning tools like books, stationery and other items required to complete the semester. The Universal Planner also keeps a record of additional reading material used in each class.

Free Monthly Lesson Plan Template

Homework assessment programs are a lifesaver for teachers. With this feature, you can keep track of projects assigned and submitted during the semester.

The daily schedule template has a narrow scope. It is used to indicate a one-day course activity. The structure of the daily curriculum is quite detailed and meticulous.

You can dedicate separate sections to each of your lessons and classes throughout the day. In this layout you can also have an hourly breakdown of the day. It involves better planning and time management.

Free Editable Lesson Plan Template

The daily schedule usually has a lot of scope for change. The basic structure remains the same, you can customize the content inside as per your convenience.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template Dated 2022 Teacher Lesson

The weekly planner template is a little more time-saving and practical than the daily planner. The layout is suitable for small batch, kindergarten and lower size. You can design the planner on a separate sheet.

Apply different sections to different days of the week, or combine the entire week into a single sheet. In other words, you can consider the weekly planner as an extension of the daily curriculum template.

Students get better flexibility about the information presented through the weekly planner. Include separate columns for assignments, tests and assessments.

The lesson plan template is ideal for more advanced lessons. A lesson plan is used by both teachers and students to facilitate the curriculum. And the design of the template varies depending on the reader

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For example, for students, the template will focus more on topics. Professors, on the other hand, keep records of grades, submissions and attendance. The course plan template breaks down the entire course (spanning a month or more) into a single layout.

Unit timetable templates specify the subjects/units planned for the academic year. It gives you a precise estimate depending on the lesson completed and the session. With unit lesson plans, students can follow the exams scheduled for the semester.

Start lesson planning with a list of all the topics in your curriculum. The university publishes a provisional syllabus every semester. With lesson plans, you can outline specific sections to research/focus on.

Free Editable Lesson Plan Template

Then comes the section where you list the reference books and materials needed for the class. Charts, magazines and books are sufficient for theoretical subjects. More practical cases require specialized equipment such as devices, cups, etc.

Editable Lesson Plan

Online learning programs are popular with students for their extracurricular help. These virtual classes, being flexible, require a schedule to keep things in order. The online lesson format is slightly different from a standard one

For starters, online curriculum templates have forms for specific classes, courses, and questions in one place. This is a long-term planner that you can use for an entire session. Some common headings for online lesson plans are “Objectives”, “Course”, “Essential Questions”, “Reference Guide”, “Virtual Training” and more.

Students prefer Microsoft Word or Adobe for their syllabus templates. However, in my opinion, Excel spreadsheets are useful for quantitative aspects of planning. It would be better to remove the participation sheet or evaluation tab in Excel

Excel layout is mostly numerical and not very feasible for descriptive planning format. You can design lesson plans for a day, a week or an entire semester in Excel. Look for ready-made Excel templates online where you can borrow ideas.

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Every curriculum format, regardless of its size or scope, consists of some common elements. These functions inform the reader about the progress of the class. It also gives you a clear estimate of pending work.

The dashboard is the skeleton of the schedule. Typically, the template has a grid-like pattern with many rows and columns. You can add, delete or edit details in each category.

Summarize the details of each class and give a brief description of it in bullet points. The grid-like layout makes your work easier because you have an overview of the work that is done for you.

Free Editable Lesson Plan Template

The attendance chart is usually one of the first sections of the lesson plan format. This comes after a brief introduction where you list the course objectives. With the attendance chart you record the class strength, progress and holidays marked for the year.

Weekly Lesson Plan Templates: 15 Best Lesson Planners, Free Download!

In the attendance chart, you must have the names of all your students, a date column, places marked for holidays, etc. In some institutions, attendance charts also contribute to year-end evaluations. See this EFLS Student-Teacher Lesson Plan document for more details.

The syllabus contains all the subjects and chapters prescribed for the semester. For the teacher, the Syllabus section highlights the completed topics that have not yet been covered. Students can refer to the syllabus to know about the mark distribution and pattern of questions.

A detailed list of topics, subtopics, references is an excellent way to monitor class progress. The user can customize this space and add new details as the lesson progresses.

Homework grading gives you a place to keep track of all projects, papers, and assignments throughout the semester. It is an essential part of daily, weekly and course schedule.

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The homework section also contains questions required for the semester. You can set questions, examples, samples for your students to follow. Marking scheme, results are also displayed here. Check out this study on learning theories and methods for more insight.

No course is complete without a final assessment or exam. This is a section of the planner where you include relevant question papers, solutions and guides. It helps students to understand their mistakes and do better.

Unit tests and test evaluations also give you an estimate of class strength. It tells you about the overall performance of the game and the class average.

Free Editable Lesson Plan Template

A syllabus describes the essential elements of your curriculum. It keeps a list of all lessons planned for the semester. Earlier, these templates were handmade. Today we can create them digitally in minutes.

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A quick search online will lead you to these platforms. BookWidgets is an excellent tool for creating accurate lesson plans. You can customize the fine details, download them and use them for your daily lessons

Make sure you cite reliable sources and get approval from senior management in advance. This will save you a lot of time and trouble in the future.

I have created some reliable sources where you can find your lesson plan layouts and templates. These platforms are trusted and approved by reputable institutions.

Using a schedule template greatly simplifies your work. I hope my guide to learning templates was useful for students who will learn one day. All the best for your future! This free weekly lesson plan template makes lesson planning easy for you. Choose a weekly lesson planner layout to use and have more targeted and effective learning sessions in class. Plan your learning objectives and how to effectively teach your students with these teacher-approved layouts. You’ll also find fully editable schedule templates in Microsoft Word format to tailor your weekly schedule to your needs, available for free use.

Printable Weekly Lesson Plan Templates

Looking for a free printable weekly lesson planner? I’m excited to share our free planner with you! With our weekly lesson plan templates, you can be sure that every moment of class is used meaningfully with a greater impact on students. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your students’ eyes light up with excitement

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