Sample Counselor Recommendation Letter For Student

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Sample Counselor Recommendation Letter For Student – At the end of your to-do list write letters of recommendation – for dozens of students – and all the desktop zen gardens in the world won’t let you down.

But don’t worry. We’ll show you why writing compelling letters of recommendation for your students can be one of the most powerful ways to advocate. And while we’re at it, we’ll also tell you how the letter of recommendation differs from the teacher; then we will give you two ways to write you. Both approaches work well, so we’re going to show you how they work – with examples for your enjoyment.

Sample Counselor Recommendation Letter For Student

Sample Counselor Recommendation Letter For Student

And I’m Alexis, a high school English teacher turned college counselor then journalist. Ethan (college writer) and I are synths and storytellers in this guide, which has been divided into several parts:

Tips For Writing A College Recommendation Letter

Yes, most of us are counselors to help students (although enrolling in classes is also a good time). We understand that letters take time and effort, and sometimes there is no sense of gratitude.

But writing a well-crafted letter of recommendation can make all the difference for a student. And for students from families with low incomes or in difficult situations, this

Letters of recommendation have a huge impact on the admissions process. Some colleges take it very seriously – higher grades, extracurricular activities and, at least when recommending a consultant, a demonstrated interest (hell there!). Check out the results of the 2017 NACAC University Admissions Survey:

Our friend Chris Reeves, NACAC Board of Directors, has another way of reading this chart: “If you consider ‘high importance’ AND ‘moderate importance’ … the consultant’s recommendation is higher than the essay.”

How To Write A Letter Of Recommendation (+ Examples)

In fact, when it comes to other students and candidates – ceteris paribus – the letter of recommendation you write may not appeal to your students. And, according to a presentation by our friend Sarah Urquidez at the 2017 AP conference, letters of recommendation can also help decide who gets a scholarship and who gets an award program. In general, they are very important.

As an advisor, you provide an important source of information that test scores and transcripts cannot provide: the student’s role in the community. If you’ve ever looked at or written a teacher’s recommendation letter, you’ll notice some similarities. But remember that while the format of the two letters of recommendation may be the same, the content should be different.

The faculty letter, according to Martin Walsh (former Assistant Dean of Stanford Admissions) and a presentation led by Sarah Urquidez (executive director of the Academic Success Program), should describe:

Sample Counselor Recommendation Letter For Student

Yes already! (For the first question) Your letter will be read and judged, sometimes by several admissions officers at each school.

Free College Recommendation Letter Template

Yes, your writing can get some type that will (hopefully) raise the student’s score. Below are the criteria and some guidelines that admissions officers typically follow when evaluating student reference letters (courtesy of Martin Walsh).

(PSA: The rubric is about 15 years old, but Martin thinks it can still inform the evaluation process.)

“In general, our candidates get good and solid support. For many of our private school applicants, hyperbole can be the rule rather than the exception; be careful of overestimating such comments. Note that there is consistency among those who recommend. Do they confirm each other or contradict each other? Beware of the “halo effect” where parents or other relatives of the applicant may be employees of the same or other schools or be high figures in the community. Be careful to make recommendations that use the same basic text for each students who write, or who write inappropriate comments. Do not punish students who suggest weak writing style. Do not punish students for what they do not say. Some teachers/counselors write recommendations better than others. Ratings should reflect both lice and prose , and should also reflect the overall enthusiasm of the recommendation for the candidate.

Some of the best career recommendations; exceptional performance and impact in the classroom; some examples that illustrate his extraordinary mind

How To Write A Counselor Letter Of Recommendation

Very strong support; giving clear examples of subtle thinking; A good contributor who brings up the discussion with unique insight

Now that you know the difference between the main content and what your email will read, it’s time to dive in.

Our friend Chris Reeves, consultant and NACAC board member, gave us data insight into what admissions officers are looking for in consultant recommendation letters today.

Sample Counselor Recommendation Letter For Student

During the 2013-2014 academic year, my colleague Trevor Rusert interviewed nearly 250 members of the Association of Independent School Counselors (which represents the largest group of private high schools in the US) and representatives of 17 of the top 25 colleges that serve students. apply.

College Recommendation Letter Sample

Michelle McEnany, a former school counselor turned independent education consultant and founder of The College Spy, says writing letters of recommendation was one of the best parts of her former job.

He interviewed every student as well as guardians, coaches and teachers; read the essay and look at the file. “I did my homework and wanted my letter to carry the weight it deserves,” she wrote. Thus, he did not take the time to write about how long he had known the student; he said he could write about a student he had known in five weeks as he could write about a student he had known in four years.

Do your research. For example, you have a lot of work to do, just like public school counselors do. (According to a NACAC report based on data from 2014-2015, there are about 500 students nationwide for every consultant.) You don’t have time to get to know each student well. However, specific examples in the consultant’s letter of recommendation add credibility. Here’s how to collect:

(If you don’t want to make it from scratch, we’ve got you covered – download this puppy and share it with your students!)

Letters Of Recommendation

According to Michelle, doing your research will prevent you from repeating anything from other students’ applications. “I am adding to what I have already written,” he wrote. While she didn’t have time to get to know students as deeply as she would have liked, Michelle wrote about how students “approach the admissions process” and how she interacts with them along the way.

Now about the writing itself. As I said at the beginning, we will introduce you to two different approaches. The first is the so-called “traditional” approach. If you’ve ever written or received a letter of recommendation in your life, it’s probably like this. The second is a newer and more innovative approach; the author calls it “organized narrative”.

This is your typical letter of recommendation. It looks like a letter. Long paragraphs. Transitional words and phrases. Indentation. Something like that. This is a tried and true method.

Sample Counselor Recommendation Letter For Student

Michelle has it covered for you. Below, he offers tips on how to navigate an advisor’s recommendation letter, from title to conclusion.

College Recommendation Letter Samples

Way to do it. Convenient! And we will also show you some examples. But if you want to move to a newer approach – Organized Stories – be our guest.)

This is Michel: “Your letter will be a combination of your own impressions and knowledge of the student and a synthesis of information received from students and other sources.”

This is Michelle: “The body of your letter will be determined by what information is most useful to the admissions consultant in determining whether the college and the student are a good fit. If you have had the opportunity to read the student’s essay and the recommendation letter from the teacher, you will be able to choose the content of the main paragraph to complement, but not repeat what has already been written. Your goal is to provide more information. If football is the most important thing in the student’s life, and the student already has a letter of recommendation from the football coach, then no one says about football. What is important is the student’s application, not your complete letter.”

It is used to reflect the student’s character and personality. Giving examples and stories that reflect the student’s character and personality is gold.

Free Letter Of Recommendation Templates & Samples

There is no need to repeat the list of student activities. Write down what was unique about the student’s participation in the activity. The topic appears? Are students leaders? Have students tried a lot of new things to try to figure out their interests? Is the interest in the activity based on the original interest rather than continuing the building?

As a rule, the teacher’s letter of recommendation discusses the student’s academic achievements and abilities. If the student likes to read, write about what he likes. If students like the news, mention it. These details are important and may not be covered in other student applications. The advisor’s recommendation letter should also explain anything unique about the student’s transcript, such as,

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