Real Estate Client Tracking Spreadsheet

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Real Estate Client Tracking Spreadsheet – A CRM system will be very effective in managing customers, especially in the real estate business. If you have them, you can use this template to store your leads, categorizing them by type, such as whether they are landlords, sellers, renters or buyers; keep a property register with all relevant information; track your activities and transactions, assign tasks to your team members and more.

Using one made specifically for your business will give you increased productivity and better profits. You can fully customize the template, add, remove or change any color-coded tabs, columns, rows, labels and create your own CRM – no coding required.

Real Estate Client Tracking Spreadsheet

Real Estate Client Tracking Spreadsheet

Manage contacts, offers and work progress through a free online CRM spreadsheet integrated with lead generation forms. Fully customizable, easy to use and no coding required.

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Don’t have a CRM? Collect and manage leads with this free online customer database template. Easy to customize, download and share. Works on any device. No coding.

Collect and track leads for your small business. Free CRM template for new businesses. Easy to customize, download and share. No coding required.

Customer relationship management (CRM) templates are used to track and manage online contacts or leads in a professional spreadsheet format. Whether you’re tracking new leads or deals for your business, tracking donors for your charity or non-profit, or simply maintaining an address book at home, you can use our online CRM spreadsheet suite to more easily organize important contact details online – just link it to your contact form or lead generation form to automatically populate the spreadsheet! All data is stored securely in your account, which you can access seamlessly from any device.

Get rid of your messy address book and stop entering contact details by hand – with an online CRM spreadsheet template you can view details of business interactions, track leads in your sales funnel and manage relationships with your suppliers, colleagues or partners, all in one place. Just choose the CRM template that best suits your needs, customize it in seconds and quickly enter your information to get organized instantly and increase your business efficiency.

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Real estate CRM to track leads and properties by categorizing them with tags and all related information, track activities and offers, assign tasks to your team members and more.

Free online healthcare CRM tool for private practice. Easy to view spreadsheets. Easy to customize. HIPAA compliance options. No coding.

A sales CRM that lets you manage target accounts, leads, opportunities and tasks in an all-in-one platform across the sales funnel, store lead data, categorize goals, determine opportunity value and manage interactions.

Real Estate Client Tracking Spreadsheet

Collect applications from prospective students online. Streamline your school admissions process. Easy to customize, download and share. No coding.

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Manage your personal and professional relationships. Easily track contacts and connections. Free access from any device. No coding required.

Collect and manage customer information and appointments for your massage business. Free digital CRM platform. Easy to customize, download and share online.

A CRM that builds to keep records of prospects, customers and contractors with all their related data, to manage interactions, easily assign team members to tasks and an easy way to track service details.

CRM church tab that allows to save members’ contact details, determine their contributions, track and manage events, choose their frequency, add responsible communities, list communities with their hosts and members.

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Not sure what CRM to use? Try our free lightweight CRM spreadsheet for small businesses. Easy to use. Works on any device. Sync with lead generation forms. No coding.

Improve your solar company’s workflow with our free Solar CRM spreadsheet template. Track clients, quotes, proposals and job progress online. Excel KPI Spreadsheet for Real Estate Business. Track your key metrics with monthly and cumulative analysis. The board is printable and ready to present.

Are you in the real estate industry? And want to track your performance? Then this Real Estate KPI Dashboard Excel Template will help you measure and track your KPIs.

Real Estate Client Tracking Spreadsheet

First of all, the navigation buttons allow you to switch between other worksheets. Second, the last three buttons mean Current Year Actual, Current Year Target and Last Year Actual, where you can enter your values ​​manually in this Excel template.

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Warning!: The metrics we enter are easy to modify, but remember that once you enter your metrics or change existing ones, you’ll need to change/add metrics to other sections as well. For example, if you intend to measure a new net profit metric on the Current Year Actual section, simply add it to the Target CY and PY Actual worksheets.

Instead, the Graph section will help you compare trends in your data with a line chart. Additionally, we strive to provide a clear visual representation of your property’s KPI performance. According to the chosen KPI, of course.

In addition, when you analyze the real estate KPI dashboard, you can compare your monthly and cumulative results and try to understand the past year and the level of realization of the company’s goals.

First, keep in mind that depending on the choice and type of business of each organization, some formulas may vary. So choose and determine the best formula for your organization. For example, if you are going to use a simple average formula or a weighted average formula.

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Average Sales Commission: This is the average amount of money the real estate office makes per transaction. The formula then means: Total commission for a month (or for a specific time) / # of Real Estate Office transactions starting at that time.

Average Seller Commission: This is the average amount of money a real estate agent makes per transaction. So, the formula means:

Total commission for a month (or for a certain time) / # of sellers in the real estate office.

Real Estate Client Tracking Spreadsheet

Average Dollars Per Square Foot: This metric shows the average price per square foot in a given market over time.

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Average Sales Price: This indicator shows the average price of a house at a given time to understand certain market trends and structures.

Profit per square foot: This is the average amount of net profit you earn per square foot. The formula means:

The net profit you make (per month or over a period of time) / The amount per square foot of real estate you have made.

Net Profit: This is the net profit you earn at the end of the month after deducting all your expenses from your expenses.

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Ready-to-rent cost: This is the average cost of a house that needs to be ready-to-rent.

Repair and Maintenance Cost: This is the average cost of a house to repair and maintain the property.

Number of Real Estate Sales Visits: This is the average number of times a real estate agent shows a property to potential buyers before the property is sold.

Real Estate Client Tracking Spreadsheet

Leased Space Utilization Quality (RSUQ): This is the average number of customer visits per day divided by the leased space. Measure as 1/square foot. So, depending on preference, the formula means:

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RSUQ Weighted Average: % Visits (House A) / Square Feet (House A) + % Visits (House B) / Square Feet (House B) + …

Home Sold Inventory Ratio: This metric tracks the number of homes that have sold out of total listings in a given market. The formula means:

Vacancy Rate: This metric tracks the number of houses or mansions that have been rented compared to the total number of units listed. The formula means:

Take rate: Define a market or area and then divide the total number of available homes by the number of homes sold in a given time period. The formula means:

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Number of houses sold by your real estate office / Number of houses available in the region you specified.

% Difference Between Bid and Sale Price: This is the % difference between the bid and sale price of the property sold by the real estate agent. The formula means:

Days on Market: This is the average number of days a property remains in inventory (from listing to closing).

Real Estate Client Tracking Spreadsheet

Conversion Rate: This metric tracks the percentage of the number of successful actions versus the number of visits. The formula means # successful actions / # total visits.

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Traffic Source Percentage: This is the percentage of referrals to the total number of visits to your website. Calculated as (# of referred users/ # of total visits to your website)

Web Hits: This is the total number of web hits you had in a month (or over a period of time).

Tenant Turnover: means tenants who have moved in that month (or at any time) in a particular location in excess of the number of units in the same location. The formula means:

The Real Estate KPI Dashboard is a ready-to-use Excel template that is provided as-is. If you need to customize your report or need a more complex template, please consult our custom service.

Real Estate Kpi Dashboard Excel Template

Watch the video below to see the template in action! The presentation also includes usage notes, explanations, and tips and tricks about templates. Real estate is common and potentially profitable

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