How To Advertise Your Business On Linkedin

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How To Advertise Your Business On Linkedin – LinkedIn is a huge network with over half a billion professionals. For this reason, you have a great opportunity to show your ads to your target market using the LinkedIn advertising platform with many easy-to-use options. Each of these advertising options allows you to reach your customers at an affordable price and easily.

LinkedIn is great for advertising your business, whether your goal is to generate leads (download our free lead generation template), find business partners, attract talent, or grow your business.

How To Advertise Your Business On Linkedin

How To Advertise Your Business On Linkedin

This pay-per-view (PPC) advertising solution allows you to create and display ads on popular pages and page locations on the website. You choose which LinkedIn members (your audience) view your posts by setting filters such as: country, age, gender, title, profession, industry, company name, company size, or LinkedIn group membership.

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Your LinkedIn Self-Employed campaigns will show up as read articles. It appears at the top of LinkedIn webpages and also appears on the right as a full featured ad.

Sponsored InMail is LinkedIn advertising that allows you to use LinkedIn InMail (direct messages to members) to send personalized messages that are highly relevant to your market. Sponsored InMail is different from a regular InMail message and also different from other types of messages on LinkedIn.

Sponsored InMail’s sole purpose is to encourage people to respond. You need to set up a conversation with a person before sending them a marketing message. So, use InMail to encourage people to respond.

Sponsored InMail messages are always delivered (100% deliverability) to the top of the member’s inbox, increasing open, visibility, and response rates. Sponsored InMail has a 20% open rate and a 20% call-to-action (CTA) click through rate. These open and read rates exceed the industry standard.

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You can use InMail Support and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Read the article we wrote about lead generation with LinkedIn.

There is another way to advertise on LinkedIn – this is contextual advertising. Content Ads is like a mini site that allows you to display multiple ads in a single sidebar widget. It’s like the rotating billboards you see on the highway that have three different posters and the posters change.

With LinkedIn Content ads, you can display up to four ads in different formats, which increases your chances of capturing a viewer’s attention. For example, you can display a YouTube video in one tab, your Twitter live stream in another, and custom ads in the last. You can mix and match information to create an engaging project by submitting or displaying digital downloads, podcasts, white papers, photo or video slideshows.

How To Advertise Your Business On Linkedin

LinkedIn content ads are a great way to capture the attention of many potential customers with a single post.

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LinkedIn Social Ads are an effective way to get LinkedIn members to share and recommend your products or services. Social ads use the same targeting style as other LinkedIn ads, but you can use social media on LinkedIn. Trusted testimonials are a very reliable way to build influence and credibility for your brand message.

Many LinkedIn social media posts are designed to take advantage of how LinkedIn members use the network to share tips, information, and ideas. Social media makes it easy for members to support your company and spread the word about your products. This way of advertising on LinkedIn will give your message a better chance to spread across the network.

SlideShare is LinkedIn’s service for PowerPoint presentations, articles, infographics, and articles. This provides a good way to reward membership members.

With the SlideShare Content Agreement, you can promote your SlideShare content on LinkedIn sponsored updates. This way you can share your best content with an audience that is looking for expert knowledge. Typically, your SlideShare content will appear on your LinkedIn profile in either the Summary section or the Impressions section.

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An effective way to advertise your business is LinkedIn group advertising. This type of advertising is more personalized, relevant and relevant as it targets specific communities. The goal is to promote and reward members of LinkedIn Interest Groups.

LinkedIn Group ads come with dedicated social media content so viewers in the ad can create a message for a specific user, send group recommendations, and build trust through simulation.

LinkedIn Featured Business Ads are similar to Partner Business Ads (see below). The difference is that the featured company’s ads lead directly to your business page, while you can display links to the Jobs and Product Showcase pages on your LinkedIn business page.

How To Advertise Your Business On Linkedin

This type of ad is an organic promotional tool that helps build awareness and engagement on company pages. Direct interaction is encouraged due to the way the advertisement is designed. Members’ network connections are also effective in stimulating demand. Follow Company ads simply allow the viewer to click on the Follow Company link.

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LinkedIn Follow Company Posts, as mentioned above, are a set of presentations that use a member’s profile to convey a personal message and generate interest for your company page.

These campaigns allow brands to target professionals, increase the visibility of their company page, and turn people into active fans.

Last but not least, Dynamic Ads (part of the Dynamic Ads category) is a premade ad that uses a LinkedIn profile but links to a promoter’s landing page. These ads are similar to regular page content and do not use ad formats. Because Smart Ads integrate with online content, LinkedIn members often click on them without realizing they are viewing an ad.

Advertising allows marketers to showcase events, products, services, and more. Users click on your ad and are redirected to your landing page or website.

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Smart Ads were created to help job seekers find jobs by matching their profile picture to a business brand. Here’s how these ads work: They show the member’s profile picture in the ad under the heading “Introduce yourself to the company” and their new position under their name. This helps people identify with your company.

If you are looking for a team of specialists to create an effective advertising campaign for your business, feel free to contact us. We have a professional PPC team that evaluates your needs and creates campaigns that deliver results.

If you’d like to explore LinkedIn posts, please follow this link or sign in to your profile to start a new project. For each campaign, you can create variations to test different ad texts, images, and landing pages.

How To Advertise Your Business On Linkedin

It is important to carefully define your audience. You don’t want your ad to be shown to anyone; you need to identify the audience that wants and needs your product and who are most likely to turn into leads or customers when they click on your ad.

Free Ppc Advertising To Get Your Business Started

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You represent your business, so building a personal brand is a must. One way to do this is to create a strong personal LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is not only a search engine, but also a social network, so the keywords you choose are very important.

Update your profile every time you do your work, speak at a conference, publish a new article, take a new course, etc.

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For example, you can say that you have increased website traffic by X% – this will be stronger than just saying that you are an SEO specialist.

Avoid jargon at all costs. Your cover letter should serve the same purpose – it should be concise, clear, and feel free to sell its best qualities.

All this can be done without professional photography – it just takes a little planning.

How To Advertise Your Business On Linkedin

LinkedIn also allows you to add a cover photo to your profile. This is a great way to stand out and add another element to your profile.

Ad Targeting With Linkedin Ads

Consider including your company logo or an image related to your industry (for example, an accountant will choose a pen or pencil, and an accountant will choose a spreadsheet).

Take some time to set up your LinkedIn profile URL. Of course you can change your name.

Remember that you can only change your URL once every 30 days, so be 100% true to the URL you are about to submit because you will only have it for a month!

You might be wondering why you should post on LinkedIn and not on your own blog, and that’s a fair question.

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The benefit of posting to LinkedIn is that when you click Post, all your contacts will be notified and this will appear in their feed.

Of course, you can always post a section

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