Funny Award Titles For Students

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Funny Award Titles For Students – Helping students discover their unique strengths and unique personality traits is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching. At least I know that this kind of reflection comes at the end of the school year. In the end, it seems, we can look back and see how far we’ve come. The classroom is a community where every student has something special to offer. How can we convey this to the class? My favorite thing to do is celebrate students with awards. Below are 9 creative awards ideas to celebrate your students with:

Each year I find myself creating a series of end of year awards to add to my collection to reward students for who they are, beyond grades. I enjoy researching different topics for the awards and although these are created at the end of the year I am also happy to share them throughout the year if I would like to meet a student.

Funny Award Titles For Students

Funny Award Titles For Students

You may remember the “Most Likely To” award from your school days. If so, you might also remember that they weren’t always fun… When I use the most likely award as a topic in class, I always keep that in mind. You should also use sincerity when nominating these types of awards. The aim here is for the students to feel comfortable.

Virtual Celebration Ideas

You can give your students exciting and meaningful prizes while you teach them idioms – idioms whose meaning cannot be deduced from their own words.

Funny Award Titles For Students

It would be a good idea to include a brief explanation of why the student is receiving the award along with the idiom award to avoid any possible confusion. This allows your students to feel recognized and add many new expressions to their speaking and writing. These work best with students learning English as a second language.

The prestigious award honors historical figures from Emily Dickinson to Gandhi. This is a really cool theme that I highly recommend! With these awards you inspire your students and encourage them at the same time. Is there a student in your class with a special gift for writing who would be a good candidate for the Shakespeare Prize? Does anyone really “brighten up” the classroom every time they walk in? They would be perfect for a Thomas Edison Award!

Funny Award Titles For Students

Funny Award Ideas: Funny Office Superlatives

Metaphorical recognition uses metaphors (direct comparisons) to describe student characteristics. For example, a puzzle prize is awarded to a student who solves a problem. Or the Yoga award goes to a student who a

Reviewer. You can check out some of the other illustration awards I’ve used in the past in the images below.

Funny Award Titles For Students

Alliteration points are ideal for ELA classrooms. These awards consist of alliterative phrases such as “Awesome Friend” and “Talented Techie.” Alliteration awards are a great way to celebrate your students and your English course at the same time.

Creative Employee Recognition Award Names

No sarcasm here, I promise. I leave it to you – or my price! Pun awards are a surefire way to get your students rolling their eyes, but they’re also a surefire way to make them smile, even reluctantly. They will smile too when you give them! Here are some examples of rewards you can use:

Funny Award Titles For Students

Since your students are likely to tag everything, you can bring that interest into the classroom with inspirational awards. If you don’t know what hashtags are, the internet uses them to connect to a broader conversation using keywords or phrases. Therefore, you can communicate with your students using hashtags. The image below will give you some ideas about the hashtags you can use.

Animal awards are another way to connect with student personalities. Can you think of a student leader you can compare to a lion? Or which of your students already seems to have the wisdom of an owl?

Funny Award Titles For Students

End Of The Year Ideas For Middle School

This is the last, but not least, of 9 creative student award ideas. Nutrition awards use foods to determine student characteristics. You can even give away food prizes during potluck classes. Here are some examples of food donations you can use:

You can use your certificate of study as a token in all fields of study! Student certificates are easy to adapt to the virtual environment and can be deployed as a great communication resource for your remote classroom. In another blog he explains “How to distribute student awards digitally”.

Funny Award Titles For Students

You and your partner may be entitled to some prizes of their own. If you’re interested, see Tips for Hosting a FUN Teacher Awards Ceremony. Good luck for the rest of the school year!

Free Custom Printable Funny Certificate Templates

Send Students to Online Appointments with 7 Book Ideas via the Bell for Middle and High School English Digital – Paperless – Google Classroom and Printable Options! These presentations have been updated with Google Slides so you can use them for distance learning.

Funny Award Titles For Students

Your students will love receiving these fun and colorful end of year awards. These awards focus on academic achievement, character and personality. There are 40 unique prizes to choose from, so each child in your class can receive a different prize. I have included two awards (one for girls and one for boys) for many of the awards. This way you can better tailor them to your needs. There are also 10 unique awards where you can add your own name in addition to other domains.

There are also editable PowerPoint files so you can write your text instead of typing it. I’ve included all the text boxes for you, all you have to do is click, type and print. You can also edit the presentation in the Google Slides file. This allows you to distribute prizes via SeeSaw or Google Classroom. You can also email the prize to parents and students.

Funny Award Titles For Students

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Funny Award Titles For Students

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Funny Award Titles For Students

Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I don’t know about you, but I vividly remember every awards show I attended as a kid. I have been awarded the “Golden Eagle” several times. This is an award given to some students each semester for behavior, attitude, etc. My parents couldn’t always be there, but they tried. I remember the pride I felt when I received the electoral roll and the excitement we felt that day. Looking back I think we won the honorary award, perfect participation and some people won the golden eagle. I enjoyed it. BUT school was easy for me. I didn’t have to work hard to get good grades, and I was so afraid of “changing my color” that I never acted. I wonder how many of my classmates don’t have similar memories of their honor.

As I’ve said many times here, I almost always get the most difficult students. I’m proud of it and I’m very grateful for the relationships I’ve built. But it reminds me how many of my students go through the ceremony without receiving an award. Not only were they expected to sit quietly for an hour, but they were also expected to make happy gestures to their friends who “won” when they didn’t.

Funny Award Titles For Students

Paper Plate Awards Appreciate Lakeland Hills’ Holiday Cheer

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