Fun Incentive Games For Employees

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Fun Incentive Games For Employees – Virtual morning meetings are video calls that take place at the beginning of the working day. Activities and games for these gatherings are ways to liven up these online gatherings. The purpose of these activities is to spark discussion and thinking and energize the group.

These exercises are similar to morning meeting games and virtual meeting activities, and are good examples of Zoom meetings and virtual employee engagement activities. Many of these ideas also work for online classrooms and in-person meetings.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

From yoga to cartoons to quotes of the day, here’s a list of morning meeting ideas to energize the group and get team members engaged.

Ideas For Wellness Challenges (that Employees Won’t Hate)

Blitz treasure hunts are a way to get remote teams up and running in the morning. In these games, a host asks players to search for items one by one, and the participants run to pick up the clues. The first player to return to the screen and show the object wins a point.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

One of the best ways to make morning meetings more fun is to enjoy breakfast during the call. Attendees can join the call from bed, and pajamas are welcome. The team can engage in shopping chats or informal conversations while having breakfast together. This activity encourages employees to eat a large meal instead of grabbing a quick bite or skipping breakfast altogether. If you’re feeling more ambitious, they can even make breakfast together during the call. Breakfast in bed is a pleasant and satisfying way to start the day.

Pro tip: Reimbursement for takeout costs. You can assign a theme to each call, such as omelets, French toast, or a healthy breakfast, and ask each attendee to show the dishes to the group.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

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Donut is a Slack app that randomly pairs team members for casual conversation. You can use this app to facilitate virtual coffee breaks, which are casual online meet-and-greets where teammates can chat about non-work topics and get to know each other better. Starting the morning with these informal calls can help remote workers start the workday and can act as a morale booster that puts team members in a good mood.

You can also make a cup of coffee and enjoy a donut, muffin or breakfast cake during the call.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

Yoga is a way to energize and focus your team for the day. Starting the day with a stretch encourages remote employees to exercise and be more active, and helps team members have a more positive mindset for the day.

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To do virtual yoga in a morning meeting, find a team member or guest yogi to lead the flow, or find a video to follow along online. If you do yoga as part of a morning meeting, it’s best to find a ten to fifteen minute routine. However, you can also take a longer class directly before or after your meeting.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

Pro tip: Do yoga at dawn and do your dawn routines outdoors or in front of a window that lets in the light.

Morning meditations are a way to center your team and start your day with calmness and focus. You can assign a team member to lead the exercise or find a video or audio meditation to follow. Basic meditations often involve closing your eyes or staring at a focal point, sitting in a relaxed position, paying attention to your breath and clearing your mind or thinking about a specific topic. Some practitioners like to play relaxing music or white noise in the background to make it easier to tune out.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

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Sleepy staff may find it difficult to strike up a conversation in the morning. Starting the call with ice-breaking questions can get the communication flowing and make it easier to talk about work topics later.

You can use a question generator to get random chat messages. Or, start the conversation with one of these virtual morning meeting topic questions:

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

The appointment of the day is one of the best ways to start morning meetings. This activity involves sharing a saying that sparks thought or discussion and puts teammates in the mindset to do high-quality work.

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The group can take a minute to reflect on the quote and brainstorm ways the saying applies in the workplace.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

To make the activity more interactive, you can also assign a different employee to choose the appointment of the day in each meeting.

For inspiration, check out this list of quotes of the day for work and this one with HR quotes.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

Employee Incentive Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

A lively game of bingo can help teams interact with each other early in the morning. To play this game, divide the group into break rooms to talk and mark squares. The first group to block five squares in a row wins.

Inbox sprints are a productive way to start morning meetings. The goal of this activity is to reach inbox zero so that team members start the day with a clean digital slate. To start the sprint, ask participants to sign in to email. Then put 10-15 minutes on the clock and challenge your teammates to read, delete and organize all unread emails in that time frame.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

The clean desk challenge is an impromptu activity that rewards teammates who keep their workspaces clean. Simply ask teammates to show their desks during the meeting, and each team member with a clean desk will win a small prize, like a coffee gift card, or enter a raffle for a prize bigger, like a tablet. It can repeat the activity at random to encourage employees to keep their desks clean, and it can also give messy workers a moment to tidy up.

Best Virtual Team Building Activities & Games To Keep Coworkers Connected

The Daily Challenge is a goal-setting exercise that can help structure the remote workday. At the beginning of the day during the meeting, announce a goal or challenge. This goal can be work-related, such as closing two new clients or answering 50 customer service emails, or just for fun, such as drinking 64 oz of water or beating co-workers in three Slack games . At the end of the day or the beginning of the next business day, meet, review the results, and announce which teammates successfully completed the challenge. To make the activity more interactive and fun, you can also have teammates come back to choose challenges.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

Theme Days are a way to bring excitement to a routine remote work week. You can choose and announce the topic of the day in the online morning work call. Teammates can then update their profile icons and display names to match the theme, display Zoom themed backgrounds, and participate in appropriate activities. For example, if the theme of the day is “around the world,” a teammate named Jack can change his name to Jaques, team members can change Zoom backgrounds to images from abroad, and the group can compete in a geographic challenge.

One Goal, One Gratitude is one of the best ideas for sharing virtual morning meetings. In this activity, each attendee takes turns sharing a daily goal and something they are grateful for. For example, “I want to finally finish this article about Zoom fatigue, and I’m grateful to have such a good editor.” Exercise reinforces two important healthy work habits, setting clear goals and expressing gratitude. In addition, the activity provides an opportunity for colleagues to praise each other or receive information and help from colleagues.

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Energy hours are focused work sessions where teammates work consistently for a full sixty minutes. The group can focus on a single task or try to do as many tasks as possible within the time frame. Exercise can be a career or a collaborative effort. Similarly, employees can bring their own work to the call, or managers can assign tasks.

Whichever way you structure it, the main purpose of the hour is to achieve a workflow and get tasks done. This activity can be especially powerful at the start of the workday because it can build momentum that leads to greater productivity. To do the power hour, stand in front of the camera together, start the clock and get to work. You can set alarms at regular intervals or to signal when to switch tasks.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

Employee of the Day is a way to praise outstanding teammates. Employee recognition is a key component of job satisfaction. By highlighting one team member per meeting, you can create a more rewarding business culture.

Employee Incentive Ideas To Encourage And Reward Your Team

Simply call out the employee, explain the reason for the praise, and give the team a few minutes to react and applaud. You can make a certificate or graphic and send a small prize like a digital gift card, and it can encourage other employees to give congratulations after the call.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

This exercise is a way to give immediate feedback and positive reinforcement for good behavior and exercise. Recognition gives employees an incentive to maintain good behavior and provides other teammates with standards to strive for.

Professional or not, many teammates are still kids at heart. Morning cartoons are one of the funnest ideas for virtual meetings. Simply ask an employee to come on the call with a shareable cartoon clip, one minute or less. Then have the presenter play the video.

Fun Incentive Games For Employees

Engaging Virtual Team Building Games/activities For Remote Teams

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