Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

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Fun Contest Ideas For Employees – I strongly believe in sales competitions. During my 10 years in sales leadership, I’ve had a lot of time trying to come up with great competitive ideas for work, some of which have worked, some of which have been disastrous mistakes. In this post, I’ll share my top tips for running sales contests or sales incentive games that generate great excitement and results. And now, below, we have a list of some of the best ideas.

Research shows that creating positive competition within sales teams can greatly increase results, and giving feedback to motivate employees is a great way to do that.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

Sales contests are the most obvious way to ignite that competitive spirit, but it shouldn’t be about promoting one person over another.

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Running a successful sales organization is about pushing the entire team to new collective heights. To do this, you need to remember that the three main goals of sales competition are:

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

Note that none of these goals are directly related to driving more sales. In fact, “sell more” sales competitions often have a negative effect on the above three goals.

The biggest misconception about contests to promote your team is the idea that their goal is to reward the top seller. In fact, the worst sales games are based on the premise that “the most money in a month gets X.”

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

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Put yourself in the shoes of a new salesperson or someone who is struggling to produce consistently. It’s the first day of the month and your boss seems excited to start a new idea for a workplace competition. As usual, the parameters are all around more than anyone to win. The director believes that the prize, a new 4K TV, will motivate everyone to work hard and the spirit of competition among agents will lead to a month of record sales.

What is likely to happen is that top agents who consistently perform well will come out ahead in the first week. The remaining reps, whose production really needs to improve, will be hopelessly behind when they realize they have no chance of winning.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

The rich get richer and you just gave an expensive award to a rep who was going to have a great month anyway. When this happens, why bother organizing a sales competition?

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You must already have ways to promote excellence, such as the “BDR of the Month” award or the “Account Executive of the Quarter” trophy.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

First, sales pitches should be tailored towards rewarding activities. The event is the main measure. It rewards hard work, not talent, and anyone can work hard. If you’re new or struggling, it’s much easier to stay competitive at work when you’re judged on booking demos, creating multiple products, or pitching qualified leads to account managers (or other leaders). fork operation).

A side benefit of organizing workplace games this way is that activity-based competitions “shake the tree” of your best performing reps. Elite agents who benefit from strong pipelines and know your sales style can avoid some of their core responsibilities. They are so efficient that they have forgotten what it means to be fast. But unfortunately for them, if they want to be competitive in the job-based sales competition, they will have to do the work.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

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You want everyone to feel like they have a chance to participate, throughout the process, but so that better performance gets rewarded. You also want to encourage collaboration and mentorship. Can you reward the best performers for how well some of their team members do in these motivational competitions at work and encourage them to teach more junior instructors?

Or maybe you give away lottery tickets. Those with better results get more tickets, but everyone can play. Since no one finds a winner until the competition is over, everyone is motivated to stick around.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

Okay, with all that in mind, what does a good competition really look like? I’ll start with a recent real-life example, then look at some ideas.

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I recently created a contest for my BDR team regarding the number of qualified leads received by account managers. For luck, I went online and bought a cheap plastic roulette wheel. I explained to the reps that every time an account manager took a demo on their pipe, they could spin the wheel. Whatever number they reached was the number of poker chips they won.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

With a “sudden game”┬álike this accompanying every event, BDRs were routinely driven to demos to get a spin on the wheel. While they were having fun, I was happy to do more things which ultimately led to more sales.

Then at the end of the month all the BDRs took their chips from the no limit poker table and the person left standing won (and I assure you it wasn’t my best agent in the most).

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

Sales Contest Ideas And Incentives To Motivate Your Sales Team

I can’t overstate how good the company’s behavior was when everyone was watching me make the final comments and make the underlings happy. All it takes is one successful contest to get everyone excited about what you’re going to do next.

The issue here is simple. The agent who earns the most points in a month wins the game.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

This is a game that everyone can get into, because it rewards rejection and helps agents who get discouraged when things go wrong. As a bonus, it can help get rid of some of the dead-end funnels.

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The good thing about daily contests is that they don’t just happen. Anyone can score high marks in a daily contest if they really put in the work. You can sit through the days and weeks when things start to get a bit hectic to get a little inspiration. Just buy gifts, leave them in bulk, and whoever gets the most deals on a given day will open them. No one knows what’s in the boxes. It can be a great gift. It could be rubbish.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

For added competition, let agents choose to keep a gift or steal yesterday’s prize from one of their teammates.

This works very well as a full team competition and is also a great incentive for slow days when sales are down. There’s a good chance that all of your employees are pretending to work on Friday at 3pm, so you probably won’t miss much.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

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The situation is very simple. Set a predetermined goal for the team or the entire department, and you can switch off and go for a drink. With a little luck you’ll have your agents push each other past the line and achieve the superhuman ability, all of them, to be the first out the door.

This one is for less successful traders. It’s a surprisingly simple concept. The representatives who climb the most places in the league table, or beat their PB the most, are the ones who get the win.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

Same as above, but match or group your reps. Putting the best out of new or acquired reps is difficult. Give rewards not for overall performance, but for improving performance. Agents get points to improve their team. But since the top judges won’t improve much, they’ll need their teammates to climb the ranks to win. Hopefully, your experienced reps will share their experience and skills with the new employees, and you’ll see new people pick up new skills.

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This is less of a competition, well, more of a goal. It works well for businesses where there are very busy days. We know that many people sign up for quota every month. Taxi drivers in New York work long hours on sunny days, although it’s easier to make money in the rain.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

So when there is a time of high volume, let the workers have time off. If they meet certain goals this time, the next time there’s a time you know you’re going to be quiet, they’ll get the snooze button and they can come into the office at 10:30.

Another is to keep groups engaged for a long time. Instead of just rewarding the most sales, or the most brands, set a set of different goals that your teams must achieve.

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

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This is especially useful if you are interested in pushing reps out of their comfort zone and into new areas. You can tell them that they need to get sales in California or from a company of a certain size. And you can set different goals so that everyone can reach their goals.

There is something to be said for not telling agents that there is competition. Or tell them there is a contest but no rules. Or have the reps themselves choose individual “above and beyond” awards

Fun Contest Ideas For Employees

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