Free Excel Templates For Scheduling

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Free Excel Templates For Scheduling – Maybe it’s the end of a long week of crowding the grass and you’ve finally found a minute to schedule next week. Or maybe you’re looking for a fresh start with your Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet setup and need a template to customize.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, you want to create magic by automating the next round of work scheduling for your staff of dozens of restaurant workers. To the uninitiated, this job can seem as dangerous as flying an airplane.

Free Excel Templates For Scheduling

Free Excel Templates For Scheduling

Just look at all the moving parts: individual staff availability, operating budgets, changing staffing needs, special event costs, work compliance procedures – we could go on. Don’t worry, we have some flying lessons for you.

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To understand the madness, let’s get the power of Microsoft Office Excel software to dive into, organize, set and track your work schedule for the coming weeks.

We’ve also designed editable and customizable templates to suit the number and type of employees you host and the types of shifts you choose to accommodate your catering operation. (If you need more information on how to choose the best steps for your job, read our guide here.)

The completed plan can then be emailed to all employees or printed for reference. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. If this is your first time creating a conversion table with an Excel template, follow our step-by-step guide below to learn where and how to enter the correct data in the correct fields.

Customize the Schedule Tab 1. Customize the spreadsheet by entering the name of your restaurant and the week you are scheduling in the upper left corner.

Excel Appointment Planner For Free

2. Add the days and normal days of the week for the seven days in Column 6 of the spreadsheet.

3. Next add your employee name in the first column, replacing Employee 1, Employee 2, etc. under the category Manager, Distributor, etc.

4. If you have fewer employees than are currently in the table, right-click the unwanted row and select ‘Delete’ and then ‘All rows.’ Click ‘Ok.’

Free Excel Templates For Scheduling

5. If you have more employees than currently in the table, right-click on the row and select “Insert” and then ‘All Rows.’ Click ‘Ok.’

Free Employee And Shift Schedule Templates

6. Finally, for each type of personnel department, enter the number of managers, servers, soldiers, etc. that you need that day in the row above the list of staff names.

Making Changes Tab 7. Click the “Changes” tab below to work on the next worksheet in the template.

8. Change the Start and End Time of each shift to suit your workload. Just change the start and end times in columns B and C, and these columns will update automatically. Make sure you use ‘am’ or ‘pm’ in the start and end times.

8a. If you have fewer moves than are currently in the table, right-click on the row and select ‘Delete’ and then ‘All rows.’ Click ‘Ok.’

Construction Schedule Template

8b. If you have more entries than are currently in the table, right-click on the row and select “Insert” and then ‘Total Rows.’ Click ‘Ok.’ Just add a new row below the first entry and above the last entry.

10. If you have less than the current role in the table, right-click on the row and select “Delete” and then “All rows.” Click “Ok.”

11. If you have more effects than are currently in the Effects table, right-click on the row and select “Insert” and then “Total rows.” Click “Ok.” Add a new line just below the first entry and above the last entry.

Free Excel Templates For Scheduling

13. For each day, select a shift from the drop-down list for each employee. To do this, click on the top half of the cell and click the arrow that appears next to the cell. If the employee is not working that day, be sure to select ‘OFF.’

Weekly Schedule Template In Excel

14. Then impose coercion on workers during the day shift. To do this, click on the bottom of the cell, click the arrow, and select the correct effect.

16. If there are important events scheduled for the week, enter them in line 7 of the schedule.

Actually organizing a moving project – even with useful templates and step-by-step guides – is a task, but cumbersome, and time-consuming. That’s why the entire company is dedicated to building innovative software that takes the pain, confusion and unnecessary time out of creating and maintaining change schedules.

Scheduling software will not only automate most of your daily and weekly scheduling tasks, it will improve your level of organization and could ultimately save your operation $2,000 in labor costs.

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Here are 8 ways programming software can make your life easier and take you from routine programming to new:

Tasks that can take 10 hours when entering information by hand or on a spreadsheet can take just two hours with specialized scheduling software. Scheduling software automates tedious tasks, reduces manual entry errors, empowers staff to assess their own availability and tracks critical data in real time.

If you use an Excel spreadsheet, how are employee requests for vacation time entered? How do you adjust the schedule?

Free Excel Templates For Scheduling

With scheduling software, employees can use a phone app to make leave requests, as well as submit their weekly attendance. Managers are notified via their device (phone or desktop) and can approve or reject requests at their convenience and adjust their schedules in real time.

Content Calendar Excel Template

Employees can use scheduling software tools to communicate about change changes. Once they’ve reached agreement, they can enter the proposed changes into the app and wait for a manager’s approval.

No more scrambling to see who’s available to cover this change or that, and no broken phones, no calls—no shows. You can also use scheduling tools to create shift pools that give workers the opportunity to bid any unallocated shifts.

Let’s say you’ve created a fancy Excel shift schedule only to find out on the day you’re short on staff, that your patio server isn’t receiving emails or hasn’t seen the new schedule posted in the office. Scheduling software gives all employees access to schedules at any time through an application. They can also use the app to talk to themselves or their manager.

Some scheduling tools (like) even send notifications to employees 15 minutes into their shift to leave managers feedback about their shift experience. Managers can message all employees and you can create groups (day shift, night shift, etc.) to share and receive updates and questions or just bond and connect as a group.

Free Break Schedule For Excel

Such software can directly integrate your point of sale (POS) system. This means that actual real-time sales data will be used to predict the optimal number of hours and shifts you should plan to stay in the dark.

Let’s say you’ve set your operating budget goal to 18% of your total operating costs. When you create a schedule using scheduling software, the weekly budget tool displays in real time if you’re over or under the goal you set for job costs when you set shifts for the week.

This prevents the time-consuming and tedious (but necessary) process of reviewing past labor expense spreadsheets several weeks ago to try and catch the source of overspending after it has occurred.

Free Excel Templates For Scheduling

Scheduling software automatically captures and uses your location to generate a weather forecast for each new work schedule day. That way, you get a visual reminder that your situation is due to a bad snowstorm, for example, which may affect business and may mean you need fewer servers that day.

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Something the Excel model won’t tell you is whether your employees will be working overtime in their hours or working too long without taking authorized time off – as mandated by some regulatory bodies in some states. Such oversight can mean serious criminal fines.

But with scheduling software, managers are alerted to potential violations before they happen, as they make changes to schedules and receive notifications of how many such violations could result in fines for the operation.

If scheduling software isn’t what you need or want right now, we hope this model is helpful. If on the other hand, you feel inspired to switch to planning software but the decision is not in your hands, here are some ways to show your boss the new energy planning software as it can provide a modern restaurant . Good luck!

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Free Excel Templates For Scheduling

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