Cost To Move Across The Country

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Cost To Move Across The Country – We’ve just completed our second medical training move, and man, it’s not cheap. We sell most of our furniture, pack and load our 3 bedroom house, ship our belongings, ship a vehicle and travel the country with the kids for about 10 days. I added up all of our expenses, mostly to satisfy my curiosity about how much a cross-country move actually costs.

We’ve heard numbers from other resident families from $10,000 to $15,000 (for everything) and unfortunately we’ve found this to be correct.

Cost To Move Across The Country

Cost To Move Across The Country

There are so many ways to increase this number, and it’s hard to decrease it. I’ll share our exact numbers and what we spent money on so you can have a head start as you plan.

Thailand Cost Of Living ($650)

I will also briefly share our experience using the U-pack and Mr. Car Shipper, I recommend both!

Honestly I’m not sure how we could do this for so much cheaper unless we sold a van and almost all of our possessions. We pack. We don’t hire immigrants. Instead, some dear friends went out of their way to help carry it. And unload.

Our stuff was delivered to us so we didn’t have to carry it ourselves. I really wanted to take a trip without the burden of hauling a huge truck. We’ve found this to be not only the most convenient way, but also the cheapest way to use gasoline at around $5 a gallon.

We have all our moving boxes for free. People often post free boxes on neighborhood Facebook pages, and Chic Filet will also give you as many large boxes as you order, FYI!

Packing Hacks For Your Move

We catch up with as many old friends as we’d like on the way home and partially plan our route around that. This saved us about 5 nights in hotels, or about $1,000 in total (the cost of 5 nights at the Holiday Inn Express).

Here is a great article that explains common moving costs and average moving prices based on home size in 2022.

To get an estimate of the cost, there is an online calculator. We put where we moved, where we moved from, dates and how many rooms in our house.

Cost To Move Across The Country

We moved into a 3 bedroom house but ended up not bringing any furniture other than the kitchen table and 3 large beds.

Duck Duck Movers

Our house had 3 bedrooms. They estimated 13 feet of towing space for it. The quote they gave us was $4,844.

While you can save money per foot of space you don’t use, the least we could charge you was $4,120 (or 5 feet of trailer space).

So while it’s a worthy goal to take less and perfectly stack boxes to the ceiling, we decided that a few hundred dollars wasn’t worth stressing about with the perfect Tetris arrangement… like a lawn mower and bikes.

To get started, you pay a base rate of about $4,000 for 1.5 meters of space, and after that, it’s about $100 per meter of space you use on the truck. (Then you’ll want to join up to the ceiling, although this is tricky if you’re not too tall!)

How Much Do Movers Cost?

You put up a wooden divider when all your belongings are brought inside. This is to separate your belongings from the load they will add, which is what keeps your shipping costs low.

They then drive, fill the truck with some sort of other cargo (never someone else’s household stuff) and ship it to some point along the route where you are shipping your truck.

The hardest part was researching the automakers and feeling very confused about how it all worked. I’ll take the fear out of you by explaining how it all works.

Cost To Move Across The Country

You get a quote from a car transport company and they connect you with a driver. The driver calls you to coordinate a meeting at a parking lot on the day of pickup (probably near the interstate), and then you (or a friend/family member) picks him up on the other side of the driver.

How Much Does It Cost To Move Across Country

After hearing some first-hand recommendations for Mr. Car Shipper, I decided to go with them. They were actually $200 more than another place I’d heard good things about called Corsia Logistics, but they were 100% worth the money and I’ll explain why.

99% of car delivery companies (all except Mr.

Drivers are a kind of independent contractor, and car transport companies receive only a small share. It looked sketchy at first…but that’s pretty normal.

I went with Mr. SO. SIMPLE. If there is a problem with the driver, they take care of it. There is no need to fetch thousands of dollars in cash or a money order on the other side.

These Cities Will Pay You To Move There In 2022

They assign you someone who is your contact from start to finish on Mr. Car Sender if you need anything. It’s a nice personal touch.

I also recommend them because they include another layer of protection to cover damage. Drivers for other companies have “insurance” if something happens to their vehicle, but I’ve found that the deals often have such a high deductible that you’d pay around $2,500 before insurance kicks in.

Mr. Car Shipper will stand behind your vehicle with their own contingent insurance so that if something goes wrong and you have the before and after photos to prove it, they can fix it BEFORE paying the driver.

Cost To Move Across The Country

We didn’t take the most direct route. We did almost exactly 3,000 from start to finish, and drove more when we went to see some national parks and also took a longer route to hang out with friends from the residence.

Everything You Need For Driving Cross Country Comfortably

This part can really make or break the cost of your trip. When I looked at flights as an option… 5 tickets across the country would cost us a minimum of $4,000 per TICKETS one way! What happened to airline prices? I know July is an expensive time to fly, but wow.

And if we had flown in, we would have had to add another $2,525 for our second car to ship home. So in my head, I knew that if we went home for less than $6,525… we were saving money.

We did an Air B&B and two nights Holiday Inn Express. We also drove through the night on the last leg which I will NEVER do again! Very tiring and with children we are useless for a few days after that!

We stayed in the house of 5 people, saving a lot of money. Thank God for the good people who kindly welcomed our 6 member team.

Two Men And A Truck

Obviously during the 10 days we ate out a lot, bought coffees, splashed around and had fun! Food was not part of the economy… and the trip was even more enjoyable!

I can still taste the cajón meal we had in Louisiana and the much needed iced coffee we enjoyed in Salt Lake City ?

I don’t know if I should count the food, because at least some of it is an expense we would still have if we weren’t moving. At least part of it.

Cost To Move Across The Country

I thought we would have to buy dollys to carry the boxes, but our friend had one he lent us and my father-in-law had one on the other side to unload.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Car Across The Country

**A note about locking the truck with your own personal lock… you’ll want to make sure it’s unlocked and unlocked when the truck driver comes to pick you up. It will come in and notice how much space you are using.

If it was locked with your personal padlock and you weren’t there to unlock it when they come to pick you up, they’ll charge you for using the entire truck.

Total I raised for essentials to move our family of 6 across the country: $9,280.

It does NOT include extras we bought on the trip, such as souvenirs from various national parks and the like, or tickets to places we visited along the way.

Statewide Rtc Cost Estimate

It does NOT include things we had to buy for our new location because we got rid of all our furniture (like a new used sofa, triple beds, side tables and kitchen chairs).

It could have been so much more if we had to hire people to pack anything for us, hire removals to pick up, stay in a few more hotels, or have to buy our own boxes. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is. I don’t know how we could have done it cheaper! When someone calls our U-Pack ® moving consultants, one of their first questions is usually about pricing. Without more information, it’s basically impossible to give a ball because every move is different. Costs depend on several things,

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