Basketball Tournament Rules And Regulations

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Basketball Tournament Rules And Regulations – The following sets forth the rules and regulations (“Rules”) that will apply to the Basketball Tournament (“Tournament”) for 2022.u00a0 TBT Enterprises, LLC is the sponsor and producer of the Tournament (the “Tournament” ). u201cManufactureru201d). The Producer is a sports entertainment company located at 116 Huntington Avenue, Suite 504, Boston, MA 02116 (email: info@; phone: 617-314-6710.)u00a0 Premier is intended, but not confirmed, ​​​​​​​produced for live broadcast on the Internet and broadcast on television/cable networks.u00a0

Note: The Executor shall have the power and authority to determine all matters relating to the Prime Minister and the Laws, including without limitation, to make a final decision regarding the application or compliance of any Law and the right to suspend or waive the requirements of any Rule, all in each case, as prescribed, from time to time, when exercising its discretion. All references to any decision, choice, determination, exercise of rights or other action by the Manufacturer shall mean, in each place, the exercise of such right or action. at the Manufacturer’s sole, exclusive and irrevocable discretion. .

Basketball Tournament Rules And Regulations

Basketball Tournament Rules And Regulations

Up to sixty-four (64) teams (each a “Team”) will have the opportunity to participate in the Competition in one of the four regional zones ( Stages 1-3) and, if the team advances, in one place. for the quarter finals in the Championship Game (Rounds 4-6); however, the number of competing teams depends solely on the manufacturer. The producer may choose to include fewer than sixty-four (64) or more than sixty-four (64) teams. The team that wins the Competition will receive a prize of not less than $1,000,000 (“Team Prize”). The Class Prize will be awarded to Class Participants (as defined below) as determined by the Class, subject to certain restrictions contained herein.

Winter Basketball League

Each group will have u201cParticipants. list submitted by the charity (as described below). A Player can be a Player, General Manager (GM), Coach, Assistant, or other roles described on the Manufacturer’s website.

Player u2013 A player is a person on the roster of a team that can play in Tournament basketball games.

GM u2013 There must be one GM in the team. The General Manager is the person who registers the team with the producer and oversees all aspects of the team, including, without limitation, recruiting players, communicating with the producer, managing the roster and managing the team’s use of play and participation to. Tournament.

Coach u2013 A team may have one or more coaches, or may choose not to have a coach.

X3 Basketball: Rules

Booster u2013 A team can have one or more Boosters, or they can choose not to have a Booster. A booster is someone the team believes will help the team into the tournament by soliciting fan support or helping the team off the field.

Others u2013 A group can have one or more people in other categories. A person with any role not clearly defined is one who does not fit one of the preceding definitions.

The GM can also be a player; however, it will depend on one of the players selected for the allowed roster spots.

Basketball Tournament Rules And Regulations

A DG, Coach or Booster WILL NOT ALLOW PLAYER SUBSTITUTIONS AFTER 12:00 pm (noon) (ET) 72 before the first game to be played at their assigned Venue.

Aau Basketball Tournaments For Youth Boys & Girls Teams

A Coach or Booster or others may be added to the Team list at any time before or during the Championship, as long as the Coach or Booster or Other Writers are on the Website and enter any form of registration.

If the group has a participant who does not meet one of the above criteria, but the group wants to on their list, please send an email to info@ to request the creator’s permission.

The Promoter may disqualify any person from participating in the Contest if the Promoter believes that their participation would be harmful or would interfere with the integrity of the contest, competition, production and/or broadcast or broadcast of the Stream. .


British Basketball League

In order to compete in the Contest, the team roster must have at least seven (7) players by 12:00 (noon) ET on June 15, 2022.

A club may add, but not subtract, players after June 15, 2022 and approximately seventy-two hours before the date of the first game in the club’s territory, but only after payment has been received by the Promoter of $1,000 player registration. as explained below in III, 2.

Any club willing to add a player beyond the original ten (10) players or add any player after June 15, 2022 may add a player to the club’s roster after payment of registering players received $1,000. The maker.

Basketball Tournament Rules And Regulations

A player registration fee of $1,000 must be paid to the Promoter prior to the registration of eleven (11) to eighteen (18) players. A team can add a player

Events — Negaunee Nets

The tournament started only after it progressed to Round 4. The player registration fee for adding a player before Round 4 will be $2,000.

Example A: Team A has ten (10) players and wants to add two (2) players before playing in the Game. The player registration fee is $1,000 per player. Therefore, the Promoter must receive player registration fees totaling $2,000 ($1,000 per player) before other players can play on Team A.

Example B: Team B has 10 players and wants to add one player to their first round. The player registration fee is $1,000. Team B then won their first three games and are looking to add a 12th player to their fourth. The player registration fee is $2,000.

Example C: Team C has seven (7) players on June 15, 2022. Team C wants to add two (2) players to its roster on July 4 to bring the number of players to nine ( 9). After submitting player registration fees totaling $2,000 ($1,000 per player), Club C may add two (2) players to its roster.

Warehouse Welcome Back Tournament Rules

Donation to Charity. The Group may designate a charity (as defined below) to which it will donate a percentage of its earnings, provided that such charity is taxable under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (as a non-profit organization, a u201cCharityu201d). In the situation described in this paragraph, the producer will not provide the payment of any prizes directly to the charity of the group’s choice. The group and its participants will be responsible for donations, payments or contributions made to the charity.


The group is supported by charity. A charity can apply to enter the Competition as a team. In order to participate in the Competition, the person representing the charity will still need to be a CEO and will register the group on the website in accordance with these Rules. Anyone wishing to play for a Charity Team will still need to register under these Rules, and the GM will need to invite them to join the Team, as described here. Notwithstanding any provision of these Rules, (i) the charity is responsible for all obligations and requirements imposed on its participants in these rules, (ii) all participants selected by the charity will participate just as they are chosen by the charity group and with its guidance. and (iii) any right or benefit, including any salary, remuneration or other benefits, otherwise awarded to the Participants under these Terms shall belong to the relief applicant only. If a charity team enters and wins the competition, the producer will pay only on behalf of the charity and will not split or give any payment separately to any participant playing on behalf of the charity. charity.

Basketball Tournament Rules And Regulations

Supporters of a charity team will always be eligible for prizes as set out in the Fan Competitions Rules.

Blue Quill Classic

Anyone who has been arrested, charged, or convicted of a violent crime, in any case resulting in imprisonment or any other form of detention within the past seven (7) years (ie, as of April 2015), or known on the list. of Nationalities and Specially Designated Persons (the “SDN List”) issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury (including if such information occurs for the first time first during the Tournament) may,

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