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Acord Cancellation Request Form – Late last week (Friday, April 28), Wilton’s defense attorneys filed a motion to continue the case against Wilton et al. The city’s law firm, Howd & Ludorf, filed the motion citing the recent bankruptcy of Castlepoint Insurance, an insurer that covered the city in December 2012 during the period Girl Doe’s family claims she was abused by a Wilton preschool.

The trial judge, Douglas C. Mintz granted the request for an extension and moved the trial management conference from August 18, 2017, to October 18, 2017, with the jury trial scheduled to begin on November 1, 2017.

Acord Cancellation Request Form

Acord Cancellation Request Form

The request for a continuance raised confusing and difficult questions about insurance coverage and whether the city was exposed in any way, adding to tensions over the controversial case. It doesn’t help that the town is going to its annual town meeting tonight, and questions about the lawsuit and insurance coverage will no doubt come up at the public meeting.

Girl Doe’ Suit Vs. Town/boe: Insurance Questions, Von Kohorn Deposition Request

Worrying:  If Castle Point, the excess insurer at the time of the lawsuit, declares bankruptcy, will the insurance company that has since assumed responsibility for the city’s liabilities maintain the same level of coverage? And what are they?

Limits the city has to worry about or the total amount the insurance company pays out in a year

Limits on the city’s total insurance coverage or additional lawsuits against the city will pile up, so what? Some residents have questioned where the money will come from if the city suddenly has to pay more for insurance.

First Selectman Lynn Vanderslice answered questions from the press to determine which insurance companies have covered the city since December 2012 and provided information on the types of policy limits, if any. Vanderslice declined to comment on specific details surrounding the “Girl Doe” lawsuit, but answered general questions.

Certificate Of Insurance

December 2012–Argonaut Insurance Company was the primary liability underwriter for the City of Wilton and the Wilton Board of Education in December 2012.

City Current Primary Liability Insurance Company. Argonaut is rated A (Excellent) by AM Best, a recognized source for rating insurance companies. Wilton’s current coverage limit with them is $1 million per event, according to Vanderslice. Argonaut is Wilton’s primary liability insurer

Castlepoint Insurance was the city’s former umbrella insurance provider at the time. This policy provides additional liability above the primary liability insurance provider’s limits. Therefore, if the judgment (or settlement) in the hypothetical lawsuit is higher than Argonaut’s $1 million limit, there will be additional coverage.

Acord Cancellation Request Form

December 2012 – The alleged incident involving Miller-Driscoll Preschool teacher Eric Von Kohhorn, as in Girl Doe v. Described by Wilton Board of Education et al. The girl’s parents say von Kohhorn sexually abused their daughter in the preschool bathroom.

Ask An Insurance Expert: How Do I Verify Insurance?

2013 – Until now Castlepoint has been rated A- (Excellent) and downgraded to B+ (Good) in 2013. According to Vanderslice, as soon as Wilton’s insurance broker learned that Castlepoint’s rating had been downgraded, the broker began moving Town/BoE to a new additional insurance provider.

January 21, 2014 – Wilton Launches New Excess Provider Effective January 21, 2014 – Indemnity Insurance Company of North America, a subsidiary of ACE Insurance, now known as Chubb Insurance following its 2016 merger with Chubb. Time for Wilton’s last rebuild and now Chubb’s A+ rating is better. Wilton’s current coverage limit is $10 million per event. Castlepoint no longer carries Wilton insurance.

Interesting note: Wilton’s policy period with Castlepoint in 2013 was July 1, 2013-1. July 2014. Wilton’s policy broker moved to a new additional provider in January 2014 instead of waiting for the policy year to expire.

April 1, 2017 – A California court declares Castlepoint Insurance insolvent based on Houd and Lodorf’s motion to extend proceedings. The Connecticut Insurance Guaranty Association (CIGA) assumed responsibility for any claims against the city during the period that Castlepoint was our insurer.

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Every liability policy has both a single occurrence limit and an aggregate limit – the most the policy covers in a year (or policy period). particle for direct object

The limit (FY 2017) for Wilton’s primary liability insurance (with Argonaut) is $1 million per occurrence and $2 million in the aggregate. particle for direct object

(FY 2017) Wilton’s excess liability insurance limit (with indemnity) is $10 million per occurrence and $10 million in the aggregate.

Acord Cancellation Request Form

It asked Vanderslice for copies of the fiscal year 2017 and fiscal year 2013 insurance policies and the 2014 termination notice for Castlepoint and an explanation of CIGA coverage. The nominees first submitted the 2017 Fiscal Statement (both below) and Notice of Revocation (above) pages.

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Vanderslice says the 2013 files are being recovered and will be shared as soon as they are found. It also notes that “we have detailed documentation from the CT Insurance Guaranty Association.” It is not yet clear what limits CIGA will impose on potential overpayments, if any, and how much CIGA can offer.

CIGA is a nonprofit association created by the Connecticut Legislature for the exact situation Wilton is in. This association exists to protect Connecticut policyholders and claimants in the event of an insurance company’s bankruptcy.

Just yesterday, Grell’s family attorneys filed two motions to dismiss Eric von Kohhorn as part of their efforts against Howd and Lodorf’s defense. They want to interrogate von Kohhorn – now known as prisoner no. 411758 at Robinson Correctional Institution in Enfield, CT, where he is serving a six-year sentence that was suspended after two years — in response to a defense motion for summary judgment.

The defense motion, filed in court on April 24, argues that Von Kohhorn’s statement that he informed another Wilton school staff member that he was only taking the two girls to the bathroom is inadmissible hearsay.

Acord Form Processing

The daughter-in-law’s attorney from Silver Golub & Teitell wants to cross-examine von Kohhorn and present all relevant testimony to the court, as well as complete her objection to the summary judgment motion.

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Acord Cancellation Request Form

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Acord Cancellation Request Form

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