Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

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Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers – Thinking of Secret Santa gift ideas for girls is relatively painless, because most girls know what other girls like. On the other hand, Secret Santa gift ideas for men – whether it’s your partner, a friend, or even your significant other – seem pretty impossible.

Luckily, I reached out to some trusted sources and they helped me put together this amazing list of Secret Santa gift ideas, all under $25!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Many of these secret Santa gift ideas are available on Amazon with free shipping, so even if you wait until the last minute to get a present for your colleague, lover or friend, you’ve d covered!

The Best Funny Gifts For Kids

Let me paint a picture that every woman will recognize. You’re on a date or at a party hosted by a guy, and things are going well when someone suggests opening a bottle of wine.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

The man, without any intention, completely ruins the opening of the wine bottle, and your night, like the cork floating in your wine, is completely broken into small pieces.

Help your colleagues and friends avoid this embarrassment by getting them this sleek electronic bottle opener – with its small footprint, it won’t take up any counter space but can open up to 30 bottles at once .

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Unique Gift Ideas For Men Under $20 Each!

Another not so exciting thing that happens after Thanksgiving is the bitter cold conditions that tend to happen quickly.

Since all men – yes, I said all – are always unreliable to take care of themselves no matter what, help a brother out by getting this minimalist yet very comfortable beanie from Carhartt.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Under $10, this knit beanie is an absolute steal and makes a great secret santa gift. Carhatt is a brand synonymous with durability and craftsmanship as well. If you’re worried about your gift recipient wearing a beanie, don’t be.

Funny Coworker Gift: Knowitall Office Gag Gift Box Or Bottle

Considering how forgetful all men are (yes, saying it again), they’ll thank you for hooking them up with a backup!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Sephora in particular has amazing holiday gift sets that combine best sellers from tons of well-known brands like Kiehls, Jack Black and The Art of Shaving.

Whether it’s a nice shave set or a cleanser, moisturizer and toner set, it’s a gift he’ll appreciate!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

I M Trying To Be Awesome Today Funny Wine Tumbler 12oz Birthday Gift For Men Women

Tervis makes fully customizable mugs, making them a great gift for sports mates, office mates or people whose tastes you don’t know.

Upload a cute group photo (maybe from the last group event?) and create a personalized tumbler, coffee mug, water bottle – or even a wine glass and beer mug!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Best of all, Tervis cups are insulated, so they keep hot drinks hot for 8 hours and cold drinks for 24 hours. And let’s face it, hydration tastes better when it’s a conscious creation.

Funny Gifts For Men [2021 Edition]

This portable speaker makes the perfect white elephant gift. Smooth, intuitive touch and amazing sound quality, it’s a miracle it’s under $30!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

This 11oz whiskey glass is handcrafted by a family group of artisan glassmakers. It even contains real bullets!

This sophisticated moisturizer is a winter essential. Not only does it help transform dry, polluted air into clean, healthy moisture, its quiet operation helps everyone get the best deep sleep of their lives.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Best White Elephant Gifts Under $20 For 2022 (everyone Wants!)

He can lower himself … while peeing! Best of all, this drink holder sticks to any slick surface – glass, mirror, marble or glass tile!

Very comfortable to wear and with five ‘tech’ fingers that can operate a touch screen, these are the most worn winter gloves!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Whether you’re running, hiking, or just walking around, once you try a pair of comfortable invisible socks, you’ll never go back!

The Funniest Gifts To Get Your Boyfriend

Made with reinforced microfiber and Drynamix to wick away sweat and moisture, these cushioned no-show socks offer comfort and performance I can’t find anywhere else in my sock drawer.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

With three different cushioning weights and dozens of funky color combinations, there are extra comfortable undercover socks to make any foot look and feel good!

If you’re confused about what to get for your upcoming secret santa gift exchange, this would make the perfect practical gift – and it comes in 10 colors to please even the pickiest!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers Funny 40th Birthday Gifts For Women

Made from high quality birch wood, each of the dice in this mixer set will provide endless inspiration for handcrafted cocktails. The included instruction booklet shows you how to roll the dice for traditional drinks, ingredient ratios and mixing tips.

Have fun! With 8 dice (spirits, sugar, wine, citrus, fruit, herbs, spices and bitters), it can create over 1.5 million drink combinations!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

With a stainless steel shaker, jigger and bar spoon, this cocktail set looks sleek and elegant. It’s perfect for newbies and seasoned bartenders alike and we especially love how the shaker has a filter, something you’d usually find on more expensive bar sets!

Cheap, Last Minute Gifts For Your Coworkers

These colorful arpod cases mix and match, so he can protect his headphones from bumps, scratches and spills in style!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

A fun game for him to keep on his desk or bedside table. This mini skeeball kit has everything you need to play the iconic arcade game on your desk.

The Poo Pourri bottle allows anyone to become a doo hiding master. Give it to a man and he will find it funny and relevant, day after day. As they say – smell is believing!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Unisex Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Under $20

This small vacuum can suck up even the smallest clumps of dust. A mystery gift from Santa for him especially if his keyboard is a year old and hasn’t been cleaned!

Does he harbor secret dreams of becoming a Youtuber or likes to send funny video clips to his friends?

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Get him the Joby Gorillapod, the compact tripod of choice for every video creator. Its flexible legs can bend, wrap and grab onto anything so it can be taken anywhere, outside or inside! 5aup Bosses Day Funny Boss Office Coffee Mug Christmas Gifts From Co Worker Colleague, Dear Boss, Thanks For… Go Find You Cups 11 Oz, Birthday Present Idea For Male Or Female Bosses

This sleek wireless charging stand has space for apple watches, iOhone and arpods charging case. A perfect secret santa gift for the tech guy!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

These soft two-tone indoor slippers are perfect for the busy man. With durable rubber soles and plush memory foam insoles, they feel like mini mattresses on the feet!

Does he like to travel? Then get him this great travel pillow so the next time he sits on a plane, he won’t have a sore neck!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Funny Going Away Gift For Coworker Goodbye Coworker Gift

This pillow is made from high quality memory foam to cushion the body and relieve pressure points and has adjustable cords so the angle and size of the pillow can be adjusted. It can also be compressed to half its size, making it perfect for portability.

These notebooks are ubiquitous (and have been for a long time), but that’s because few combine style, functionality and durability like a Moleskine.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Whether you’re taking meeting notes, making grocery lists, or looking for a place to record something inspirational, the Moleskine is the perfect journal to have by your side and a secret Santa gift idea which your colleague will surely appreciate.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Co Workers Under $25

And, to appease the stubborn man who hates hanging things around, the Moleskine is very light – all without sacrificing performance or beautiful design!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Since you can’t have a quality journal without quality stationery, retractable zebra ballpoint pens are a great (and practical!) Secret Santa gift idea.

Zebra steel pens are especially perfect for men in the office because the pens, being retractable, are less damaging to fine suits, shirts and ties!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Gag Gifts Funny Shop, 56% Off

Made from real steel, Zebra pens also have unmatched durability while “steel” isn’t so heavy that it shakes your hand (see what I did there?).

Plus, every time 15 dollars gets you a pack of nine pens, you get absolute “steel”! Get it with fast, free shipping if you want a secret santa gift idea under $20.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

A double zipper pull makes it easy to open and close, while eye inserts help him know which cube he’s holding. They also allow you to fit better while reducing wrinkles – a genius invention!

Hilarious Gift Ideas For Men In 2022

Although there isn’t a specific persona about these Wildsam products, City Guides made the list simply because they represent the perfect stocking stuffers for anyone.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Each guide collects first-hand accounts that comprehensively review a city, publishing everything from detailed maps to restaurant reviews to city-themed fiction and non-fiction.

And, with an impressive array of cities including Brooklyn, Nashville, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Charleston, and more, Wildsam City Guides is one of the top secret santa gifts wherever you are yet!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

Funny Gifts To Give Your Friends To Make Them Laugh

The market for all “athleisure” products from running shoes to hoodies is extremely hot and, with the prices to prove it, incredibly expensive.

Fear not, Secret Santas of the world, because this cell phone armband from Tribe is the perfect way to treat your health-conscious gift recipient while staying on budget!

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

The Tribe armband features neoprene construction that flexes without losing its shape (think memory foam in armbands), a waterproof coating, and a reflective strip for safe night running!

Funny Gift Ideas For Coworkers Note Pad Funny Meme Gift

You need to know the coffee plantation where the beans come from, know the temperature conditions where they are transported, and – most importantly – make sure they arrive intact

Funny Christmas Gifts For Male Coworkers

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