Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart

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Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart – The new Vocalize bass clarinet mouthpiece is a continuation of the collaboration between master clarinet and mouthpiece maker Richard Hawkins and clarinet manufacturing specialist Bacon Musical Services.

This mouthpiece was designed by renowned craftsman Richard Hawkins to replicate the playing characteristics of crystal in a mouthpiece designed for incredible tolerances.

Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart

Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart

The Vocalize Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece by Hawkins & Bacon redefines what bass clarinet players and their instruments are capable of. Designed by renowned craftsman Richard Hawkins and precision-crafted from heavy Bacon rubber, these four models shape the future of bass clarinet playing. Like all Vocalize mouthpieces, the Bass models are suitable for both synthetic reeds and reeds. D’addario Venn Bb Clarinet Reed, Strength 2.5 (vbb0125)

Bacon does not reveal opening tips for new Vocalize Bass mouthpieces, but does provide the following comparison chart:

The Vocalize bass clarinet mouthpiece is highly flexible and versatile for a variety of playing styles, and is suitable for both flats and reeds.

Kessler & Sons offers a 3-day trial/return policy on any music stock newsletter. There are no cleaning fees or restocking fees (assuming the item is returned in perfect condition).

Before we ship any new face plates, we apply a green protective film over the logo to help protect the logo from irreparable scratches during testing. We also apply a tooth patch before shipping This way you can test the face without fear of damage We recommend leaving these items in the mouth during the testing phase and remove them only after deciding to keep the mouth.

Ligature Size Selection

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Mori’s mouthpiece is truly amazing Using a custom design, the mouthpieces are available in 4 styles: MoBa | Eddie Daniels Corrado Geoffrey Crystal Kessler Custom by Bacon All of these headphones are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your musical needs Washing instructions: We recommend washing your mouth with warm water and dish soap and drying with a clean cloth. For classroom and group situations, we recommend using Red Sterisol Cleaner for its proven ability to clean, deodorize, and clean mouths.

Please do not immerse your mouth, or clean your mouth with isopropyl or other members of the hydroxyl group of products.

Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart

In New Vocalize Z, Richard Hawkins is excited about an unusual new development in the vocal history of the clarinet. Together with the team at Bacon, we developed the Vocalize J model that gives players not only smooth dynamics, but volume and pop in the original sound. It’s loud, big and has the power to shine through any kind of music. Addictive to play and hard to put down, this model exceeded my expectations Comparison Chart

Help Me Choose A Tip Opening

I tried 3 vocalize H facials and chose 1 of them Nice name! I get a rich deep sound that I love! Bacon was very easy to work with, and I am very grateful to Richard Hawkins for helping me choose the mouthpieces!

As a beginner-intermediate player, it was a perfect choice for me I love the sound, ease of play I have used mayor before

The mouthpieces were demo models but both look great and are like new! They are very open and responsive I highly recommend the Vocalize CG to anyone looking for high quality open mouthpieces

The CG had a sharper response than my M30, and the tone was much darker! Legere Clarinet Reeds (bbes3.25)

I couldn’t play the mouthpiece in concert At home only But I think it’s good for chamber music because the sound produced is smooth because of the material. I love the sound and I decided to play this piece quickly to make chamber music.

“Fantastico clarinet, Adamas comparlo barrelet y campana LUMIERE, es todo un acierto que mejora notablemente el resultado, de centro de sonido, versatibilidad, proyección, cuerpo sonoro, facilidad de emission y cambio y registro” unficologistore” un pegistro” un pegistro” no viene ajustado el paso de do grave a re, por un mal ajuste de la ichoa que está junto al dedo corazón izquierdo By clicking “Register” you will be redirected to the registration page where you can indicate your membership preferences.

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Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart

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