Bass Clarinet For Rent

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Bass Clarinet For Rent – Due to limited stock of this instrument, please contact our store at (480)827-1111 for pricing options and availability.

This vehicle has been rented before and is our most experienced rental! For those on a budget and appearance is not a major concern, this tool is available, but in limited quantities. Cosmetic variations do not affect the functionality of the instruments. This instrument has been cleaned, cleaned, tuned and tuned to meet performance and playability standards. The body and muzzle were also inspected, cleaned inside and out, and cleaned.

Bass Clarinet For Rent

Bass Clarinet For Rent

This instrument has previously been rented and used abroad. Minor cosmetic changes do not affect the functionality of the instruments. This instrument has been cleaned, cleaned, tuned and tuned to meet performance and playability standards. The body and muzzle were also inspected, cleaned inside and out, and cleaned.

Buffet Tosca Bb 1195 Grenadilla Low C Bass Clarinet Silver Keys Only

This instrument has been rented before but looks like new. This instrument has been cleaned, cleaned, tuned and tuned to meet performance and playability standards. The body and muzzle were also inspected, cleaned inside and out, and cleaned.

This tool is brand new. This instrument has been fully tested, tuned, oiled and tuned to meet performance and playability standards.

Please note that we only rent in the state of Arizona. We do not ship rentals overseas.

1. The rental fee is paid in advance. The tenant is responsible for the monthly payments regardless of whether they receive the bill or not. Milano’s is not responsible for billing or postal service errors. The tenant is bound by the terms of this agreement or no signature. The tenant must notify Milano of any change of address or telephone number. The lessor must not remove the leased instrument from Arizona.

Rental Four Valve Euphonium ($69.99 $89.99)

2. Insurance coverage includes all necessary parts and repairs in case of accidental damage or theft of the rental instrument. Finished defects that do not affect the playability of the rental instrument do not require repair and are not the customer’s responsibility. Repair services must be performed by Milan repair technicians or authorized Milan service centers. If not repaired in time, Milano’s will exchange the rental instrument with an instrument of equal quality. This assumes all rental fees have been paid within the current 10 days.

3. In case of loss or theft, the tenant must report the incident to law enforcement authorities within 72 hours. A copy of the report must be provided to Milano by the tenant. The police report must include the type, make, and serial number of the stolen rental vehicle on the Milan owner’s list. Milano’s will issue an exchange of rental instruments at the rate determined by Milano’s.

4. The hirer may return the instrument to Milano at any time and this agreement will be terminated provided the account is current. The employer will be fully responsible for the instrument and its return to Milan (or its agent). Upon return, all rental fees paid will be considered rent. An instrument may not be returned to the school without the prior permission of Milano and will not be considered returned until it is physically received by Milano Music.

Bass Clarinet For Rent

5. At any time during the term of this rental agreement, provided all current rent is paid, Landlord will receive a qualifying purchase credit. Credit is defined as total rent minus taxes and insurance. A qualifying purchase is defined as follows;

Rent A Buffet 1193 Prestige *low C Bass Clarinet

A new instrument of the same type is leased at an equal or greater cost as determined by Milano’s. Instrument selection will be the lessee’s choice from the Milan product line inventory, with the selling price determined by the current manufacturers’ suggested retail price. Rent credit from more than one rental agreement cannot be applied to a single purchase. Rental credits are not transferable. The credit must be used within 30 days of returning the rental instrument. This credit for a qualified purchase does not give the lessor an ownership interest in the lease instrument, but is a separate contractual right granted by Milan and must be exercised strictly in accordance with the terms of this agreement. In case of non-fulfillment of the terms of this agreement by the lessee, this right is automatically terminated. The lease instrument marked on the back is not for sale or mortgage and will always remain the property of Milan, even in case of bankruptcy of the lessor.

6. Payments 30 days late, Milano’s reserves the right to charge late payments and fees to the Renter’s credit card provided at the time of rental or any subsequent or renewed credit card. A 10% fee will be added to any balance at the time of return.

7. Payments 60 days late will be considered a breach of this Agreement. The rented instrument must be returned immediately. All rental fees and late fees will be due at that time. If payment is not made, the tenant must make arrangements with Milano’s to pay the invoice in full.

8. If the lease instrument is not returned to Milano and the tenant does not attempt to contact Milano regarding the rental property and/or late rental payments, Milano has the right to take possession of Milano’s rental property without any legal process or notification. Any collection, ($60.00 “Repossession Fee”) and/or attorney’s fees incurred by Milano in repossessing Milano’s Rental Property shall be at Tenant’s expense. The Buffet Crampon 1180 student bass clarinet was completely developed to offer new instruments. Providing exciting sensations in the lower notes, which are the basis of harmony. The 1180 is sure to suit all styles of music. This clarinet makes jumping between intervals easy thanks to its new and redesigned simplified register key system.

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Its wide, homogeneous palette of sounds and extremely fluid legato allow the musician to experiment with any acoustic or technical idea imaginable. As the only student bass clarinet made from selected and treated Mozambican grenadilla wood, delivered in a compact and lightweight body, the new Buffet Crampon 1180 stands out from the rest thanks to its build quality, excellent intonation, tone and general comfort. . It is establishing itself as the global standard for student bass clarinet.

All of our professional clarinets are hand-picked either at Buffet Crampon’s headquarters in the USA or at the factory in France. After being hand-picked, instruments receive a complete setup in our repair shop. This includes: rebuilding the tone holes, renewing the block, resetting and aligning the key, adjusting the key and adjusting the tension. Once the setup is complete, our clarinet repair technician will play and test the instrument to make sure everything is in good order, and then one of our clarinetists will play and test it to make sure that all is well at the player’s end. Prospective. We do this for you at no additional cost (the labor is estimated at $450).

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