Award Categories For Employees Funny

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Award Categories For Employees Funny – Today’s lower office parties can be downright boring. Comedian Larry Weaver hopes to save the work party with his collection of Funny Staff Awards, on sale now until the end of the year.

Give a manager or team leader the first funny award to show employees that management has a sense of humor.

Award Categories For Employees Funny

Award Categories For Employees Funny

The office party is making a comeback. But gone are the days of $10,000 ice sculptures, swag bags filled with the latest tech gadgets and a pop diva performing in the atrium. In this tough economy, corporate event planners are faced with the difficult task of adding more fun to company parties with a smaller budget. Comedian Larry Weaver hopes to make the job easier with his collection of over 200 funny awards for staff and employees. His flagship collection “Funny Office Awards” is now available for purchase at (

Funny Office Awards And Trophies

The best funny job awards should not embarrass the recipient or get the presenter in trouble with the Human Resources department.

Award Categories For Employees Funny

To set the right tone for a funny employee awards presentation, Weaver recommends starting from the top. Giving a manager or team leader the first funny award shows employees that management has a sense of humor.

Embarrassing moments at work are a good place to start a list of award ideas. Whether it’s going to the wrong bathroom, wearing two different socks to work, or getting locked out of the conference room, these funny stories become the stuff of legend.

Award Categories For Employees Funny

Employee Of The Month Templates Your Employees Will Love

Another good source of ideas for awards are superlatives that your office is “likely to” award. The workplace is full of annoying co-workers who make for great gag rewards. Just make sure the offended colleague is in on the joke.

Start a comic office price list with Weaver’s pre-written printable certificates. They vary from “poking light fun” to more traditional appreciation. There are categories and templates for any workplace or type of business around the world.

Award Categories For Employees Funny

Weaver’s comic certificates have been a hit at company Christmas parties in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Creative Names For Employee Recognition Awards

Available in PDF format for instant download, “Funny Office Awards” bundles three collections of funny employee certificates into one cost-saving package. Plus, there’s free advice on hosting a funny, fun and rewarding employee recognition ceremony.

Award Categories For Employees Funny

Larry Weaver is a professional corporate comedian and creator of Funny Award Ideas. For over 20 years, Larry has delighted audiences with a delightful blend of clean, original comedy. He can be heard on Blue Collar Radio or Laugh USA on Sirius XM Radio.

Funny Staff Awards Office Superlatives Funny Work Awards Office Awards Staff Awards Staff Awards Website Fun Awards Employee recognition is an important part of the workplace. But there are times when you might want to add some humor to the workplace and recognize employees for the unconventional things they do! Humor is a great way to forge bonds between teams and lighten the load.

Award Categories For Employees Funny

Creative And Fun Award Names For Employee Recognition

If you find it difficult to get an award for someone who just doesn’t see the humor in things, then consider giving them an award for one of their personal interests or hobbies.

When an award has a chance to embarrass an employee, always talk to them about it first. This will allow them to stop it if they are too shy, or come up with a speech for the moment! This will not take the humor out of the office and may prevent you from actually embarrassing an employee (never a good situation).

Award Categories For Employees Funny

On A Call Award: This person needs you to wait just a moment – they’re on a call

Employee Recognition & Appreciation Awards Wording Ideas [+ Examples]

Five extra minutes: given to the employee who makes an appointment on time, but usually needs 5 minutes more

Award Categories For Employees Funny

Small boxes and premium strings: For people whose internet is so terrible, it’s hard to hear

Ear to the Ground Award: For those who always know what cool events are coming to your city

Award Categories For Employees Funny

Best Employee Recognition Ideas That Are Fun And Creative

Empty Office Award: It could be meetings or lunches, but this person never seems to be in their office.

The coffee pot’s best friend: Always have a cup of coffee handy, no matter what time of day!

Award Categories For Employees Funny

The Order Up Award: For the colleague who is always trying to get you to try new foods and restaurants.

Amazing Award Certificate Templates In 2021

The Terminator: Awarded to the manager who outsourced or fired the most people in the past year

Award Categories For Employees Funny

Code Red Award: People you can always panic because they can fix any situation!

Jack of All Trades Award: For those with useful skills we never thought we’d need on the job!

Award Categories For Employees Funny

Ideas For Funny Employee Awards!

The Super Fan: This person’s devotion to a show, sports team or pop star is inspiring

Honorary Mechanic: For those who have had their car in the shop enough to become a mechanic themselves!

Award Categories For Employees Funny

Dish Destroyer: For those who destroy the most dishes. Or maybe the person tackled the sink full of dirty dishes in the hall.

Free Custom Printable Funny Certificate Templates

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Award Categories For Employees Funny

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